2018 Wind Energy Forum in Calgary – What we learned

Week long international Wind Energy Forum and seminar hosted in Calgary, AB  brings global support, and domestic potential

Series highlights Canada’s diverse energy markets, from Coastal provinces to landlocked prairies that all have unique culture, geographic, and governmental concerns

CanWEA President Robert Hornung launched A Wind Energy Vision for Canada. The new Vision, highlights the demand for low-cost wind energy in Canada’s ongoing transition to an affordable, reliable and sustainable non-emitting electricity grid.

What’s that mean exactly? Well in terms of statistics from CanWEA….

It means more than $23 billion in investment.

It means the industry created nearly 58,000 person years of employment in construction and operations.

And Directly benefited more than 295 communities in 12 provinces and territories, including involvement with over 35 Indigenous communities.

The President also pointed out that Wind energy met approximately 6 per cent of Canada’s electricity demand in 2017.

In Alberta, that number was 8 per cent. 

During the wind energy forum, it became clear that all provinces face unique challenges both politically, and geographically, and no cookie-cutter solution is going to work across the board

“If Canada is to do its part to address climate change, by the middle of the century the nation’s power grid must be overwhelmingly free of greenhouse gas emissions. Wind power will play a central role in providing affordable and clean electricity for buildings, vehicles, factories, and more. With consistent policy signals, and in deep collaboration with communities and other enabling technologies, Canada’s wind energy industry is ready to deliver the electricity this nation will need.”

– Robert Hornung, President, Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)

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“Attending CanWEA’s annual conference is critical for Vestas’ staying connected with our Canadian market. It brings together key players and decision makers, and is an invaluable opportunity to be part of the ongoing conversations about how to push our industry forward.”

– Chris Brown, President, Vestas North America

Saskatchewan says it doesn’t need a carbon tax to support renewable energy… then back’s it up!

Dustin Duncan, Copyright Kelly Hall EnergySpotlight.ca

Dustin Duncan, minister of environment for Saskatchewan and also minister responsible for SaskPower, the provincial energy corp. reiterated during the wind energy forum the Saskatchewan government’s commitment to see renewable energy amount for 50% of the provinces electricity capacity within 15 years – adding about 1,900 MW of new wind energy.

Almost serendipitously (If that’s a word),  Regina city council has voted unanimously in favour of being “100 per cent renewable” by 2050

“It’s not just about fearing climate change, it’s about doing something about it.”

You said it, Regina! 

Saskatchewan had a banner week with it’s competitive bid process, sucessfully procuring of 200 MW of new WIND Capacity

Time will tell how the roll-back in Ontario impacts the countries grid as a whole, but each Province is working locally towards their own energy and climate goals, and the forum in Calgary was an eye-opener for myself. 

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