4th of July – The Colonies are celebrating today

Happy Independence Day American Neighbours.. oops.. Neighbors!

In honor of America Canada relationship 2018, some fun, today!

Lots going on today… you’re Champion ate a lot of hot dogs… like.. a lot!… Too many…

I can see the fireworks from here… please be careful…. you’re health care ‘ain’t cheap!

P.S. dogs don’t like them too much, so leave Rex inside!

You’re grilling A LOT of burgers… take it easy on the bacon… again… Px…..

I want to take some time to say some positive things about our neighbors to the South…

We love your monuments…. and how creative you can be!

Giant mountain… carve some heads up there!

Giant geyser that spits up every hour like clock-work…. do you stay away!?

NOPE! Make it a ‘frickin national park!

Giant Canyon… Wrong.. GRAND! Canyon… Been there, done that!

The America  Canada relationship 2018 may be a bit different, but supportive nonetheless

Then… there’s the support that goes without saying… our women beat you in hockey in 2010… Sorry!

Here’s your favorite three words USA, USA, USA …. on repeat!

Eat, Drink, Be Merry



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