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Highlighting Canada's Energy Sector

Our goal is to share stories to the public about Canada's wealth of energy opportunities! From Oil and Gas industry news, to Renewable Energy stories on Solar and Wind Power, Hydro and more!

First Nations Friday - We decided early on that we wanted to share stories that impact Canadian First Nations groups too, good, bad and/or ugly. We want the facts to guide your opinion, not noise!

Research, and Opinion

We consider EnergySpotlight.ca to be an "independent media". To us, that  means we are part information, part opinion, and part fun!

We put the time into our research to ensure we can stand behind our opinions and give you accurate information!

Kelly Hall


Energy focused approach

Energy Spotlight is proud to be a voice that speaks freely and covers the topics that may have been missed, or that we feel are important stories to share about the industry!

We pick facts, not sides!

Kelly Hall