Calgary MP and MLA’s up for fight against Trudeau and Horgan in BC on TransMountain pipeline

Hon. Michelle Rempel, MP Town Hall – Calgary, AB April 12, 2018

It had been a while since I had been to a church gym… they have carpet… I’ve never understood why that’s the case, but it is. 

It was packed. 

Real packed. 

Calgarians are pissed. 

Real pissed. 

Michelle Rempel is there to be someone to vent TO.. She nods in agreement, a lot! Of course she does. She’s angry too. 

A brief schedule of items to get too… but saving the best for last.. Carbon Tax, then Trans Mountain… 

Carbon tax time — what say you?

“This was supposed to give us ____”….. The crowd finishes her sentence for her “SOCIAL LICENSE” they all scream like a lyric from a Trudeau/McKenna greatest hits album…

Michelle Rempel notes about Environment Minister Catherine McKenna – “Do you notice how McKenna no longer says ‘reduce greenhouse gas emissisions, now she says ‘put a price on pollution’. 

The crowd agrees… believe me… we know!

Cash grab. She says. 

Deep breath… here we go… 

“TransMountain Pipeline”…… 

The TransMountain pipeline is…  “This is a national project that should be embraced by everyone.”

“Every Canadian should read Bill C-69…” 

I nod, knowing what is coming next… 

“There will be NO Pipelines built under this bill as it stands”

We’re ready for a fight, and she’s ready to take the Premier to task, as well as the “poor back-bencher rookies” that have to debate her!

Are we committed to taking this fight to the supreme court?

It’ll add time, but if it gets the job done… 

“Giddy-up” She closes. 

And so we ride on….  

Oil Sands Saturday, folks!


Kelly Hall







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