Travel Tuesday – Canada lacks clear plan on climate change, auditor report

Is Canada on track to tackle climate change emissions targets? Nope.

Canada, provinces lack clear plan to adapt to climate change, auditors say

The report says Canada’s climate goals lack clarity and consistency, with emissions targets unlikely to be met.. shocked as you may be, readers! It’s TRUE!

The federal government did not show that existing regulations to reduce emissions would be enough to meet its 2020 reduction target. The government shifted its focus to meeting its 2030 target.

From the Report — “Meeting Canada’s 2030 target will require substantial effort and actions beyond those currently planned or in place. Most Canadian governments have not assessed and, therefore, do not fully understand what risks they face and what actions they should take to adapt to a changing climate.”

I mean… folks… we’re not even close… AT ALL!

My biggest pet-peeve in this, and ALOT of government’s reporting on climate change.. CAP AND TRADE.. It’s a surprisingly effective tool to make our targets look good… without having to really do very much except promise to stop, and pay more when you don’t…

Does it REDUCE Greehouse gas (GHG)? I doubt it… does it add to the governments pockets… sure does!

Plus it looks good on this graph!

Environment Minster Catherine McKenna and her Liberal team are confident they can do as promised!

“The previous government did nothing for a decade but we’re 100 per cent committed to our target,” McKenna said.


Nova Scotia! – Shout out to YOU!

The following shout out to Nova Scotia in the report was a small congrats on the work you have done:

Positive finding –  In 2009, the government developed a climate change action plan, which included actions to meet the province’s 2020 target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Positive finding – By 2015, most actions defined in the action plan were complete, and the province’s greenhouse gas emissions were reduced below the 2020 target level.

Carbon Sinks (Trees!)

Climate change can be mitigated through enhancing carbon sinks. Carbon sinks absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than they release as carbon dioxide. A Forest is a great example of a Carbon Sink… and BC has taken “action” on this…

British Columbia’s 2016 Climate Leadership Plan included enhancing the carbon storage potential of the province’s forests

Ironically…. FOREST FIRES CAUSED BY CLIMATE CHANGE!!! Can impact the success of this project!!! NO KIDDING!

In Conclusion

The federal government’s proposed carbon-pricing “strategy” requires large emitters like refiners to reduce their emissions by 30 per cent from their sector average or pay the federally mandated carbon price on excess emissions, starting in January 2019!

For now, refiners in provinces that already have a carbon-pricing system in place — Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia — are exempt!

Not so for refiners in other provinces like New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. A review in 2020 will likely revisit the process.. 2020…

Better luck next time Mother Nature!

Travel Tuesday.


Kelly Hall.

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