Canada fights back with NAFTA review of U.S. tariffs on Canadian solar panel products

Ottawa will challenge U.S. safeguard tariffs on Canadian solar products

July 29, 2018 (EnergySpotlight) – I’ve been harping on this for months! So I’m glad to see some action – Steel and aluminum were stealing Tariff headlines, but Solar tariffs needed addressing

Ottawa is requesting a NAFTA review of U.S. tariffs targeting Canada’s solar power industry under the so-called Chapter 20 dispute settlement provisions of the free trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico, the federal government announced last week.

The United States has imposed a 30-per-cent safeguard tariff on imports of solar panels from all countries, including Canada, officials said.

The U.S. tariffs were applied despite the United States International Trade Commission recommendation that Canada be excluded from any safeguard measures after finding that imports from Canada are not a source of injury to U.S. industry.

But President Donald Trump isn’t one for following ‘recommendations’. 

I mentioned steel and aluminum tariffs were making the news headlines…. 

Well just this week US Steel companies are gleaming with excitement over the success of the tariffs, so don’t expect Trump to roll over… 

Reliance Steel & Aluminum (RS) hauled in record sales, thanks to an 18% spike in prices. Nucor (NUE) recorded the best second quarter in its history. Its profit more than doubled. From CNN

Again, from a U.S. business point of view, Trump feels his tariffs are the greatest business tool the country has: 

In defense of the Canadian solar industry and its workers, the Government of Canada is requesting a NAFTA review of these “unfair and illegal tariffs”.

From the Canada Global Affairs department, the statement was released last week: 

Canada’s innovative solar industry supports businesses and workers in the clean-technology sector which is vital to our economic prosperity.

“The Government of Canada is committed to defending Canadian workers and industry. The U.S. tariffs on Canadian solar panels have affected businesses and workers on both sides of the border. The tariffs violate NAFTA rules and were imposed despite the fact that the United States International Trade Commission found that imports of solar panels from Canada were not harming U.S. industry. The Canadian solar industry is a provider of sustainable, middle-class jobs, and the Government of Canada will continue to defend its interests and workers.”

– Hon. Chrystia Freeland, P.C., M.P., Minister of Foreign Affairs

Canada’s Solar products likely won’t see relief from the U.S. market, and Ontario just cancelled a bunch of  renewable projects – So I hope Ottawa has a solid plan… 

Hmm.. I guess Trudeau is away this week… 

Uh oh.

Solar Sunday!




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