Canada Gov’t invests in upgrades on Highways 6 and 39 in Saskatchewan

Upgrades help lower the time it takes to get out of province…

WEYBURN, SKJuly 5, 2018  –

I’m kidding of course.., well, sort of… it really DOES help get Saskatchewan Goods down to the US quicker.. Just in time for Tariffs!

Today, the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, on behalf of the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, announced a major investment of $53.3 million to help Canadian businesses compete globally by improving highway infrastructure to ensure that goods move efficiently to market.

From the Press Release:

The quality of Canada’s transportation infrastructure and the efficiency of the country’s trade corridors are key to the success of Canadian firms in the global marketplace.

Agreed. Agreed. 

Any Government agency that thinks Trucking and Transportation of goods is going to go away anytime soon should NOT be in charge of Governing our roads and infrastructure…. Oh wait… 

So what is the money for exactly?…. Well… 

The project consists of building 16 sets of passing lanes in the highest traffic volume areas on Highways 6 and 39 between Regina and Estevan, Saskatchewan, near the United States border. It also includes twinning of short segments of the corridor south of Regina, north of Milestone, and south of Weyburn as well as the rehabilitation of approximately 51 kilometres of pavement, improving intersections and highway entrances and exits along the corridor.

Ok, so I won’t complain about Saskatchewan infrastructure money being spent on roads… they have A LOT of them… but if you want to use this as a photo-op to talk about how it helps TRADE…. you should address the GIANT Red Elephant South of the Border… 

We need INTERNATIONAL Markets, particularly Saskatchewan Farmers and energy producers. 

As for the guy that owns the marijuana farm I drove by… I think he’ll be fine… 

In the meantime…. Stay safe on the highways folks, seriously!

Don’t text and drive, take plenty of breaks and for gosh sakes! Don’t drive tired! Pull over when safe to do so, and get some rest!

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