Oil Sands Saturday – Canada’s RAIL transport of oil to become expensive


Pipelines much safer than shipping oil by rail, Fraser Institute study says

‘I hope it becomes better understood that saying ‘No’ to a pipeline is saying ‘Yes’ to rail and that is to increase the risk to the environment and human health and not decrease it,’ lead author says

Moving oil and gas by pipeline was 4.5 times safer than moving the same volume the same distance by rail in the decade ended in 2013 in Canada, from a study by the Fraser Institute public policy think-tank.

Crude-by-rail becoming more expensive… because… Why wouldn’t it!?

Both Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways have said they are demanding long-term take-or-pay contracts and higher rates to add locomotives and train crews to move oil because they fear the business will evaporate once new export pipelines come on stream.

No kidding! Cash in while the gettings-good! Right!

The International Energy Agency said earlier this month it expects crude-by-rail shipments to more than double over the next two years as a lack of pipeline capacity forces Canadian producers to look to alternatives.

The Paris-based agency forecasts crude-by-rail exports will grow from 150,000 barrels a day in late 2017 to 250,000 barrels a day this year and then to 390,000 barrels a day in 2019.

#StopKM Protesters need to realize they’re helping US Billionaires make their Quarterly profit targets

So, If I’m a rail transportation owner, and my biggest threat to the crude-by-rail isn’t the protests of OIL Transportation… because those protesters aren’t too concerned about a spill via Rail Line apparently… it’s that a PIPELINE cuts into my bottom line…

By the way… it should be noted that Warren Buffett, a prominent US spokesperson and 3rd Richest man in the US  has been VERY vocal about his opposition to Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline. He would lose billions from his train-based oil transportation quasi-monopoly if pipelines are further constructed.

Lets look at facts…

If something is almost 5 times safer, and yet people are AGAINST it… ask yourselves WHY that might be!!!!????

By the way… Warren Buffett also SOLD ALL OF HIS KINDER MORGAN STOCK IN 2016!

So… big RAIL owners in the US are opposing pipelines… and probably influencing a lot of people a the same time..


Canadian Companies NOT Supported

We continue to tie up CANADIAN companies, while AMERICANS profit!

Cenovus said it’s struggling in Canada

Oilsands giant Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNQ.TO) , says it is moving up planned maintenance shutdowns at its heavy oil projects in northern Alberta and will slow down production from new wells to avoid selling the product at current poor prices.

On a conference call to discuss fourth-quarter earnings that beat analyst expectations, the Calgary-based company said Thursday it plans to drill only 59 net Alberta heavy oil wells in the current quarter, down from 116 drilled in the fourth quarter.

So, Canadians… I can’t stress this enough! Defend our nature! Certainly! Recycle more! Stop throwing away plastic! (Refuse to get a plastic lid on your coffee cup!

But DON’T let US and GLOBAL companies profit at the EXPENSE of Canadian Jobs and Canadian Resources!

Oil Sands Saturday


Kelly Hall

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