Canadian Energy, Mining, and Electricity associations outraged at Liberals enviro rules

In a scathing submission to the committee, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association complained the government is chasing away energy-industry investment by creating new hurdles for projects.

From the Globe and Mail – 

“We have a vast resource base; it’s going to need new infrastructure but it’s really hard to imagine that somebody is going to propose a major new project to ensure that those resources get developed,” association president Chris Bloomer said in an interview Monday.

“We don’t see [the legislation] is going to provide the clarity and certainty for those projects to go ahead.”

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The Canada pipeline industry was not alone in their frustration…

The Canadian Electricity Association warned that federal and provincial governments are layering a plethora of new rules – including the Impact Assessment Act – on companies seeking to build major infrastructure projects.

The Mining Association of Canada complained that projects that have already applied for approvals may have to restart the assessment process once Bill C-69 is passed.

Canada has seen its share of global mining investment fall by half in the past five years and the number of projects applying for review is at a record low, he said. It is critical for Ottawa to get the environmental assessment process right, he added.

Mining, Electrical, and Energy associations ACROSS CANADA are against Federal Decisions… yet they continue to plug away… I’m not sure who they are “consulting with”, but it isn’t industry leaders.

Feds pledge $100M for energy-efficient housing in Ontario

Speaking of blowing more money on votes…

Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna made the announcement alongside Premier Kathleen Wynne and Ontario Environment Minister Chris Ballard on a damp and windy Wednesday morning inside an East York home undergoing extensive renovations.

The funds can be used for retrofits such as improvements to insulation, more energy-efficient windows and high-efficiency heating and ventilation systems.

Investing in energy efficiency pays for itself by saving money, reducing carbon pollution and making our homes and businesses more comfortable and affordable,” McKenna said. “Pollution isn’t free,” McKenna told reporters, adding that Ottawa would determine how carbon tax revenues would be spent in Ontario if a PC government scrapped the province’s cap and trade system.

Google purchasing more renewable than it consumes… Kind of…

Courtesy of Google –

Google announced in a blog post that it now purchases more renewable energy than it consumes as a company. Google began these efforts in 2017, with the goal of purchasing as much renewable energy as it uses across its 13 data centers and all of its office complexes.

Google is not powering all of its energy consumption with renewable energy.

It’s matching what it consumes with equal amounts of purchased renewable energy. For every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed, it buys a kilowatt-hour from a wind or solar farm built specifically for Google. The company says that its total purchase of energy from sources like wind and solar now exceeds the amount of electricity used by its operations.

Google says it currently has contracts to purchase three gigawatts of output from renewable energy projects, and while it says “it’s not yet possible to “power” a company of our scale by 100 percent renewable energy,” these purchases do have a positive impact.

Ok, agreed. 

But again… let’s be clear… they are not POWERED by renewables… they’re still powered the ole fashion way … they just BUY renewable energy down road.

It’s not NOTHING, good on ya Google, errr, Alphabet… but another point AGAINST the “stop fossil fuels cold-turkey” argument….

For now, the Canada pipeline industry will have to ‘go-it-alone’, while support slowly comes from other industries.

Next week, some good Wind news for Canada, with CanWEA in Calgary… I hope!

Wind Wednesday,


Kelly Hall

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