Canada Carbon Tax decisions hurt Canadian jobs, even as Ottawa pats themselves on the back

Trudeau and Catherine McKenna are continuing to tell us how great the carbon tax is… and use Alberta as a prime example! Seriously!

OTTAWAApril 30, 2018  –

Ottawa to stop Carbon tax? Well don’t hold your breath! Ottawa is about to tell us how GREAT things are!

From Catherine McKenna’s department in “Environment and Climate Change Canada”, the news was released:

“Canadians know polluting isn’t free…..  New analysis by Environment and Climate Change Canada confirms that a price on pollution across Canada will significantly reduce carbon pollution while maintaining a strong and growing economy.” 

Seriously! That’s what it said! Carbon tax is working.. especially in Alberta! Wow!

Carbon pricing is key to any credible climate plan because it’s a cost-effective way to significantly reduce pollution while driving clean innovation and creating new jobs. A price on carbon works because it creates a powerful incentive to cut pollution, encouraging people and businesses to save money by making cleaner choices like better insulating their homes or upgrading to more efficient equipment. As a result, carbon pricing is a foundation of Canada’s clean growth and climate action plan.” They continued…

By the way… they are using ALBERTA!! As a prime example of Carbon Tax At Work!!! Way to go Notley! You’re Ottawa’s best example of Carbon Tax success stories!!

“AlbertaBritish ColumbiaOntario and Quebec have opted to reinvest the revenues from pricing in their provinces through measures like:

  • targeted rebates or tax cuts to households and businesses
  • clean growth investments that benefit individuals and business, such as home retrofit programs, support for businesses with clean solutions, and better public transit.”

When Catherine McKenna and Trudeau are using ALBERTA as their best show-pony of carbon tax at work… you best believe we are in for a looong fight. At least in Ottawa… 

As for Premier Notley… I have to think that’s a bad source of publicity to have at the moment. 

Meanwhile, The Mining Association is also frustrated with Government decisions… the Mining and Energy should team up.

In a statement this morning, The Mining Association of Canada expressed it’s frustration with Bill C-49, a bill many in the energy sector may be familiar with, as an amendment to transportation was removed that the industry claims will kill jobs and hurt many businesses.

“The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) expresses its profound disappointment and frustration with the government’s removal of a Senate amendment relating to Final Offer Arbitration (FOA), and with its modification of an amendment giving the Canada Transportation Agency own-motion power, in Bill C-49, legislation that amends the Canada Transportation Act.”  The statement read.

Pierre Gratton, The President and CEO, of the association wasn’t pleased either. 

“The effectiveness and reliability of rail freight service is critical to Canada’s mineral investment competitiveness, and this move by the government will diminish that competitiveness,” stated Gratton. 

“How many mill closures and job losses, lost customers and abandoned investments will it take before a Minister of Transport and his or her department recognize that their oversight of Canada’s railway system is failing.  Despite a commitment to ensure that our industry remains competitive, the government has failed to modernize tin a way that balances the interests of shippers and railways and ensures that our wealth and job creating industries are protected from the railway’s unbridled market power.”

Canadian businesses frustrated with Ottawa’s “over-reach”??… wake me up when summer ends…

The oil and gas industry has had it with regulation to transportation of goods to market, and now the mining sector is joining the fight. 

When will enough be enough?


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