Today’s Energy Spotlight

Imagine that you’re looking to buy an iPhone: You gather up all the Canadian providers in one room.. “$299!” Shouts the Rogers rep.. “$245!” Proudly proclaims Bell’s seller… $215 a guy from Fido declares (I haven’t bought a phone in a while, not sure if Fido exists, or even what
Wind Wednesday
Holidays always seem to fly by, don’t they?! But it’s the end of January which means Ottawa MP’s are back to work this week for the first time since Mid-December. Not bad! (But no time for vacation jokes people, we have work to do!) Day 1, let’s go! – 1st
Travel Tuesday
“You’re from Calgary? Welcome! Welcome! Do you have brand-new pickup truck?” I’m asked with a chuckle from a joking – (But pretty serious questioning) hotel clerk on our latest vacation to Eastern Canada (My first 10-day vacation since who-can-remember) We both laugh as I turn a little red looking to
Market Monday
Where is it Always Sunny? Philadelphia? Wrong! It’s Saskatchewan! A study from *EnvironmentCanada from 1980 to 2010 showed just how many “sunny days” *Sunny days being days of the year with more than 50% of daylight hours with measurable sunlight Long story – short, it means some towns in Southern
Solar Sunday
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Keystone XL, supported by US President Donald Trump is looking, (and possibly GETTING!) support from the Alberta Government, as well as shipping commitments as they attempt to solidify land easements in the US. According to TransCanada Corp. chief executive: TCPL will need to add as much as $200 million to
Oil Sands Saturday