Federal Court deals blow to B.C. pipeline appeal – Victory for Economy says Notley

Federal court rejects B.C. government’s appeal against NEB’s local bylaw ruling

B.C. province wanted ruling overturned that allows pipeline construction to be exempt from municipal laws

The provincial government says the Federal Court of Appeal has dismissed its application to appeal a National Energy Board ruling that allows Kinder Morgan to bypass City of Burnaby bylaws during construction on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

The court also ordered B.C. to pay the costs

“Another victory for our economy. Another victory for our climate plan. Another victory for the pipeline and another victory for all Albertans and all Canadians,” Notley said speaking in St. Albert.

B.C. Premier John Horgan has also asked for a legal ruling on whether his province can restrict increased amounts of oil from coming into B.C. while his government reviews oil-spill safety measures.

Notley noted Alberta has won every court decision and will continue to fight for the pipeline.

“We know this pipeline is in the national interest and it will be built,” she said. “When it is built, every Albertan and every Canadian will benefit.”

*Thanks to CBC for the update


Canadian companies still struggle while the wait continues!

Cenovus said it’s struggling in Canada and announced last week it will have to cut production while the Western Canada pricing doesn’t keep them as competitive globally.

Canadian Oilsands giant Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNQ.TO), says it is moving up planned maintenance shutdowns at its heavy oil projects in northern Alberta and will slow down production from new wells to avoid selling the product at current poor prices.

On a conference call to discuss fourth-quarter earnings that beat analyst expectations, the Calgary-based company said Thursday it plans to drill only 59 net Alberta heavy oil wells in the current quarter, down from 116 drilled in the fourth quarter.

B.C. hypocrisies have been an easy target for me lately

‘I hope it becomes better understood that saying ‘No’ to a pipeline is saying ‘Yes’ to rail and that is to increase the risk to the environment and human health and not decrease it,’ lead author of Fraser Institute Study says 

B.C.. and ALL Canadians for that matter… let me make that point again… Saying ‘NO’ to a pipeline isn’t saying NO to OIL and GAS… It’s saying NO to the TRANSPORTATION of OIL VIA PIPELINE!

Which scientifically has NO valid argument whatsoever!

I’ve said it before! I spend ALOT of time in Vancouver.. and Richmond… and the Interior…. YOU DRIVE CARS! YOU USE OIL AND GAS PRODUCTS!

Protesting… and in many ILLEGAL actions lately.. you’re not STOPPING oil and gas… AT BEST you’re stopping a MODE OF TRANSPORTATION, which as I noted last week… is only a BOON to RAIL TRANSPORT STOCKS OWNED BY BILLIONAIRES LIKE WARREN BUFFET!

If the PROTESTERS cared about the environment… B.C would have REDUCED its POWER USAGE during EARTH HOUR!

Uh-oh… Bad news B.C…..


I can’t stress this enough… You want to BE the Change??

  1. Stop throwing away plastics lids from coffee cups! (Ocean.org said this can have a HUGE impact on OCEAN LIFE)
  2. Tell your city planners to engage on Public Transportation
  3. REDUCE URBAN SPRAWL! — Buying a house in the suburbs relies on… CARS!

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That’s Your Market Monday.


Kelly Hall

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