First Nation Friday – BC Premier Horgan flips on Fossil Fuels!

I owe B.C. Premier a sarcastic apology, he’s VERY pro-FOSSIL FUELS!

When it’s HIS BACKYARD that sees all the profits… Reductions in green-house gas targets be damned! DRILL BABY DRILL!

The BC NDP announced on Thursday a new framework to support a fossil fuel called the liquefied natural gas industry in the province. The tax breaks include relief from PST, the elimination of the LNG income tax and capping carbon tax at $30 per tonne IF the LNG facility can show it is the cleanest in the world. (Whatever that means!)

Naturally feeling oddly out-of-the-loop, BC Green leader Andrew Weaver said on Thursday that he does not support the government’s new regime on LNG, but that he won’t be taking the government down right now on the issue.

Yup, why would you take the NDP down!?! Drill Baby Drill Says NDP and GREEN PARTIES of BC!

Weaver said the plan breaks the confidence and supply agreement between the Greens and NDP, and that he does not see a way in which the government can meet legislated climate reduction targets while the proposed LNG Canada facility is operating.

“If you are going to add eight to 10 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and you are going to meet our targets, then all other aspects of the economy must make up the difference,” said Weaver. “What that means is by 2030 all other aspects of our economy, other than LNG Canada, would have to cut emissions by 50 per cent.”

Good luck with that Mr. Weaver… As I’ve said before… B.C is no climate UTOPIA… I was stuck in Richmond feeling like a fish-out-of-water (pun CERTAINLY intended) with the amount of traffic in the area… (I took the TRAIN.. trying to fit in!, boy was I wrong!… Cars! Cars! Cars!

Alberta Economy Continues to take the hit over this ridiculous game of “Who’s the biggest hypocrite”

Alberta energy sector’s continue to struggle with pipeline bottlenecks and the building pressure to improve shipping capacity of all kinds!

First, Cenovus Energy said it throttled back production at its oilsands facilities with the price of Canadian heavy oil lagging well behind the U.S. WTI benchmark price, a problem clearly compounded by a lack of pipeline space.

Then, earlier this week, the Alberta government released its annual budget, that relied heavily on oil and gas capacity.

“Lack of market access is hurting heavy oil producers, government revenues and the Canadian economy,” said Alberta’s budget documents. (No Kidding!)

“Although WTI prices are forecast to improve gradually over the forecast period, Alberta producers will not be able to fully realize the gains. This is mainly due to ongoing pipeline bottlenecks.”

I continue to stress the difference between what Canada produces get per barrel, versus the American WTI… It’s not close!


Kelly Hall

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