First Nation Friday – Many BC Green Energy projects will be delayed…. a loooong time

Many BC Wind/Solar Energy projects on hold citing “Government Review of BC Hydro”

VancouverJune 29, 2018  –  Back in March, BC Hydro announced 5 First Nation Projects that will reach purchase agreements. 

The Rest… including many First Nations Solar/Hydro/Wind projects, are on hold pending the BC Governments self-proclaimed “2018 Comprehensive Review of BC Hydro”

Ok… How soon can we expect that???

From BC Gov….

Phase 2

In the second phase of the review, starting in late 2018, the Province will establish an expert panel to provide recommendations ….
… Terms of reference for this second phase, including the make-up of the expert panel, will be finalized after the first phase of the review has been completed. It is anticipated that the panel would deliver its recommendations to government by summer/fall of 2019.

Wow… So any Independent Solar/Wind/Hydro projects will be on hold until an “Expert panel”… submits it’s recommendations in LATE 2019….. 

Come on BC Gov, the earth needs faster Bureaucracy than that!! I thought you WANT Green Projects?!

To give BC Hydro a bit of credit…
Back in March, 5 small projects were seemingly picked from the litter to go ahead, including 2 wind farms – 1 by the Saulteau First Nations near Chetwynd, and another, near Chetwynd, by West Moberly First Nations.

Meanwhile… are rates going to stay low, or “frozen”… Don’t count on it.

Since 2001, B.C. Hydro rates have increased 70 percent, according to a June 11 B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources media release.
Please note – Site C, a controversial Hydro project in BC is not part of this review, and construction is still ongoing.
Although I didn’t research it for this article, the Transmission Line construction was scheduled to begin for this project in Mid-to-late 2018…. just an FYI.

First Nations Want Green Energy Projects

Many First Nations groups I’ve spoken too WANT Green energy projects in their communities. This review pushes any chance of BC Hydro signing agreements with them back until 2020……. Yikes!

That’s Your First Nation Friday


Kelly Hall

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