First Nations Friday – “The Trudeau Surprise”

$450M in spending slated for next five years PUSHED BACK until after next federal election

How can anyone HONESTLY believe anything the Liberals promise right now!?!?

From what I have read… and Liberal MP’s feel free to contact us and tell me I’m wrong… but in the 2017 budget, the federal government stated it would spend $2 billion over 11 years on infrastructure in Northern and rural communities. In the first five years, the government said it would spend $650 million, with the remaining $1.35 billion to be spent in the remaining six years…. (A little confusing for the average joe… including myself.. but okay, i’ll go with it.)

However!! Again.. from how I read the final pages of the 2018 federal budget Finance Minister Morneau released Tuesday, the federal government adjusted how it will send the money out.

(Prepare to NOT be surprised!)

Instead of spending $650 million over the next five years, the federal government now says it will spend $200 million. The remaining $450 million has been pushed back, leaving $1.8 billion now projected to be spent between 2022 and 2028, well, well, welllll after the next federal election slated for roughly 2019. (Seriously!)

I was going to write today’s commentary on some good news stories for First Nations out of the budget… but how can I honestly believe the money will be actually put into the hands they are promised!?! (No idea… but here goes…..)

First Nation and NORTHERN Housing

In Tuesday’s budget, $400 million over the next decade is earmarked toward housing for Inuit in Nunavik, Nunatsiavut, and the Inuvialuit settlement area, I would say that this promise may have been one of the “cornerstones” in the budget aimed at Northern communities.  (Hope ya get it, folks! I really do!)

Oh! And by the Way… that is IN ADDITION to the $240 million promised last year to “improve housing in Nunavut” !! (Okay… hope you get that too!!)

So, $640 million towards “northern Housing”…. I mean… I have some construction friends that would LOOOOOVE that project… so keep in touch!

Total “Indigenous” Spending allocation

Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde said the latest figures bring Ottawa’s total spending on Indigenous files in the last three budgets to about $16.5 billion spread out over seven years…. (I’ll post confirmation of the figures when I get ’em folks)

“This is a good day and an important day for First Nations children, and a good day for our families,” said Bellegarde in a statement. (Perry, it breaks my heart if you don’t see the actual money this government promised you!)

Drinking Water Advisories

Readers, like you, I get busy living my day-to-day life without having to look at the big picture… but THIS… This was shocking to me..

According to Indigenous and Northern Affairs CANADA…. As of the study on Feb 12, 2018…

81 current communities have long-term water advisories in place affecting public consumption….. 81…. DOWN!….  from 105!

WE… Can do better Canada…. We HAVE to.

I know we have disagreements between many communties, and stereotypes… and culture differences… but How are there 81 communities in CANADA that have to worry about their water… DAILY!! How!?

I wanted to talk about some wind projects today… and some First Nations groups in Alberta and Saskatchewan WILL get that recognition in my future posts…. but This was just heart-breaking for me

Not to mention the BROKEN promises already from LAST years budget to change it on this years budget.. and to postpone funding until AFTER another Federal Election….

What can I say folks…. frustrated!

Kelly Hall.

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