First Nations Friday – Trudeau preaches pipeline safety and spill prevention in BC, pipeline success in AB

Justin Trudeau is in the midst of a whirlwind Western Canada tour.

On his western Canadian trip, Trudeau won’t be sitting down with B.C. Premier John Horgan, whose government opposes the pipeline and has tried to put several obstructions in the way of construction, some literal, and some metaphorical.

Trudeau has said several times that getting environmental protections in place hinges on also getting resources safely to overseas markets. That requires pipelines.

Ok, we will see!

As such, after pushing clean technology and oil spill protection in B.C. on Thursday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the Canadian Coast Guard base in Victoria Thursday afternoon, talking marine safety and spill prevention during his whirlwind tour of western Canada.

“We’re moving forward with a national price on carbon pollution, we’re moving forward with getting our resources safely and sustainably to new markets and we’re moving forward on historic oceans protection that will allow the women and men of the coast guard, and all of its partners around the country to do a better job of preventing marine accidents and responding if ever they occur,” said Trudeau.

Next Stop, Alberta

Trudeau flew out to Fort McMurray, Alta today, for a tour of Suncor’s new oilsands facility there, and a meeting with oil company executives.

The oil industry has been critical of the government for putting regulatory barriers to more development.

Trans Canada Corp. last year blamed the demise of the proposed Energy East pipeline project on the government changing the rules for pipeline approvals.

Trudeau get’s booed by anti-pipeline protesters in B.C… and met with a less than warm welcome by Oil workers in Fort Mac.

Justin Trudeau continued to defend his support for oilsands and pipelines during Fort McMurray visit

Touring one of Fort McMurray’s newest oilsands facilities on Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his government’s commitment to the Alberta oil and gas industry while protecting the environment.

“We actually approved a pipeline that for the very first time is going to get our oil to new markets,” Trudeau told reporters after his tour of Suncor’s Fort Hills oilsands site.

“Moving our resources to market is not just a priority for Albertans, but, for Canadians, and we are going to do that in a responsible way.”

First Nations Involvement

Prime Minister Trudeau, after his Fort Hills Suncor visit, is to meet with local First Nations and Métis Communities.

Meanwhile, I’ll be on my way to Saskatchewan! So I won’t have much update on those meetings until the weekend!

Saskatchewan Budget on Tuesday

That’s your abbreviated First Nations Friday!


Kelly Hall

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