First Nations Friday – Pro & Anti Pipeline Protests Loom for Saturday


Anti Pipeline Protests looms Saturday in Vancouver (Burnaby) — Pro Pipeline Protest set for same time

Sorry Vancouver, but when I hear “protest scheduled for March 10th”… I get these images in my head…

2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot – Not a protest!

The Riot in Vancouver in 2011 after the Vancouver Canucks loss in the Stanley Cup Finals was certainly not a protest, and was by all accounts a pretty embarrassing episode for Canada as a whole — Across the globe, (and on Late Night TV of course!) Canadians were seen as hockey loving whackos to the point of destroying our own towns over a loss. “The rest of us” were quick to point out that “that’s only in Vancouver, it would never happen here” and that it had VERY little to do with ACTUAL hockey — A similar event took place in Vancouver again in 1994 unfortunately…..

The Vancouver Mayor at the time Mayor Gregor Robertson was quick to blame travelling anarchists and criminals/thugs bent on destroying the town and creating as much chaos as possible, setting fires, broken windows car-flipping all in the name of, i dunno, call it mob mentality. — OK, Outsiders were to blame from coming to the city with the goal of doing nothing but citing violence and spreading chaos…. (Don’t get ahead of me, Readers!!)

Who was/is REALLY to blame

“Definitely there are citizens responsible for inflaming the situation. But there were purposeful vandals who instigated this and very cleverly whipped many others into a frenzy by attacking cars and storefronts and moving throughout the downtown to create more hot spots.” Mayor Robertson was quoted in the days that followed…

He stated the lack ANY prior warning about “anarchists and thugs” planning to bring hammers and Molotov cocktails to a public party may mean police will have to adopt new methods of intelligence-gathering. — GOOD! I hope they DID adopt new methods of Intelligence gathering… *Cough cough* March 10th, 2018…. FYI!

“We’re going to have to make changes,” Robertson continued, “…we’re going to have to understand how this was enabled to happen.”

Am I SAYING that riots and violence are going to come from two OPPOSED rally’s happening essentially simultaneously are going to create a perfect storm of anger, frustration, and anarchists to spill over into street violence… NO, I AM NOT…. I actually believe in Peaceful protests and I hope those going to these events AGREE with me!

March 10, 2018 – Two conflicting protests

Anti-Pipeline Protest

A group by the name of ProtectTheInlet have declared a “a mass mobilization” for March 10th to be seen as a major moment in their “latest chapter of resistance” 

Ironically, this morning Indigenous leaders were  hosting a press conference at the Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue ahead of tomorrows big event!

By the way… there was a big list of leaders scheduled to speak out AGAINST Kinder Morgan at this conference and on March 10th, and I hope everyone can share their opinions peacefully, and respectfully.

Groups known as “Eco-Socialists” have voiced that they too will be joining the Indigenous Leaders at this protest… which too me they sound like totally reasonable people… Also… they have a series of International Phone Numbers to reach out to…. Why would VANCOUVER protesters need International Support to help protest??

Pro-Pipeline Protest

To give fair credit to the other side…

“Resource Works, Canada Action, Debunk, Generation Screwed, Rally for Resources, Northwest BC for Responsible Growth & Prosperity and other organizations are bringing together a diverse group of resource supporters for a Rally in Vancouver For Our Shared Future.”  (Quote from ResourceWorks) 

Interestingly enough… They TOO will have their share of Indigenous Leaders that will speak at the event and are PRO-PIPELINE including:

  • Ellis Ross – Skeena MLA, former Haisla Nation Chief Councillor
  • Chief Robert Dennis Chief Councillor, Huu-ay-aht First Nations

Chief Robert Dennis has come up on this website before as a voice for reasonable safety precautions and detailed information prior to the go-ahead… Did I say reasonable already.. good, okay.

Canadian protesters… please be respectful of your hosts – and if your International friends start to break windows.. stop them!

And please, please, please don’t make us Canadians look bad again!

We get enough of that already from the Prime Minsters office

That’s your First Nations Friday


Kelly Hall


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