Government and Private Action this week show Greenhouse Gas emissions come from more than your car!

Despite fear tactics and in-your-face protests, Canadians are concerned with environment issues, and willing to make change — Is your Federal Government

CalgaryJuly 12, 2018 – A series of funding initiatives, and private company action this week show climate change leadership isn’t an All-Or-Nothing approach .. but read to the end for a fun surprise!

Here’s This Weeks Rundown –

Federal, provincial and territorial Agriculture Ministers are set to meet next week,  to discuss and develop a Pan-Canadian framework for A national “4R Climate-Smart Protocol, also known as the Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction Protocol” – FertilizerCanada

“Research has shown that if the Protocol was implemented across Western Canada, it would reduce nitrous oxide emissions by 1-2 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents annually,” said Clyde Graham, Sr. Vice President at Fertilizer Canada. 

Ironically, if this sounds similar to a carbon tax… well… umm…. uhhh… 

To be fair… The Government of Saskatchewan signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on this plan in 2016, and extended it for additional three years back in May 2018. 

*P.S. I’ve reached out to a few farmers for comments, and will update as I get them!

Back to my point..

You may say, “but Kelly, 1-2 Megatonnes of C02 is nothing! Canada’s ENTIRE emission is approx 700… “

Yes. That’s true. 

BUUUUT…. According to Stats Canada – Agriculture emmisions accounted for 70 in 2005 (About 10% of ALL GHG, and projects 72 mt by 2020…. )

Meaning if they CUT the emmissions BACK to 2005 levels with a simple implementation, to me that’s not nothing. 

Throw in some solar projects, a new carbon-capture program at your provinces Largest Coal station, and we have some progress, right?…. Not so fast… 

Here’s a little irony – Back in late 2017, Ottawa EXCLUDED Saskatchewan from applying for Low-Carbon Project Funding because they refused to sign on to the Carbon-tax framework

Yup. That’s right! 

Despite the Prime Minister and Environment Minister’s pledge to help reduce Greenhouse Gases for the country, I guess that doesn’t apply if you aren’t filling their pockets with a National Carbon Tax?


Meanwhile, Last Month – SaskPower ​ announced plans  for the province’s first utility-scale solar power project, operational by 2019. 

Steps to reduce Greenhouse gas emmissions should be encouraged, right?

I think so.. I thought so… 

But it’s play-by-our-rules or not at all?

Let me know what you think, readers!

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