Record high gas prices in Vancouver better not shock you!

Hot Topic Thursday – Vancouver’s record high gas prices better not shock you!

Vancouver gas prices hit 150.9 cents a litre at stations on Wednesday, and since Bill Nye and Protesters all agree Alberta is the worst… expect that number to rise!

The current spike in gas prices is allegedly caused in part by the outage of a Burnaby, B.C., refinery that Parkland Fuel bought from Chevron, being down for maintenance. Parkland fuel supplies about 30% of gas to Vancouver area.

According to – They say there are several factors contributing to the skyrocketing gas costs, including the declining Canadian dollar, a shortage of supply to the Lower Mainland, and a reliance on U.S. refineries, which are charging a premium for gas.

No one wants to say “I told you so.”… but….

Vancouver also pays 49.4 cents a litre in taxes at the pump, which are also the highest in North America. (But hey! You don’t need to drive at all, right… so what should any of this matter!)

As NDP governments go… taxing leads to making better decisions for the economy… that’s why they want to tax marijuana, cigarettes, cars, beer, fun, sunshine, sarcasm, jokes, blogs…. oops. Ignore those last few.

Sorry Alberta, this gas spike doesn’t QUITE equate to a new pipeline – but it doesn’t hurt either.

Now, my Alberta friends will quickly point out that this is the reason the pipeline should be built, and built YESTERDAY…. I’ll quickly point out that that the refinery down-time has more to do with it than anything, and so do Taxes, folks!

But the point is valid… a government that thinks it knows BEST for its citizens, and not the other way around, THIS is what you’re going to get.

If you try and LEGISLATE out certain behaviors… like driving…. without fully having alternatives in place… DEMAND remains HIGH… and if your SUPPLY happens to drop.. i.e. Burnaby refinery outage… expect the price at the pump to remain scary!

So, Pipeline? yes? no?

That brings me back to Bill Nye and Justin Trudeau’s PIPELINE argument from the other day….

Gentlemen… it’s all fine and good to WANT to have green energy and want to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.. that’s a fine target to set…. but to have almost NO infrastructure in place and just DEMAND people stop driving TOMORROW!… Well… here we are…

P.S… There is something psychological about seeing Vancouver pay $1.50 per litre and crossing that threshold that may be arbitrary, but to me screams of Schadenfreuden.

That’s your Hot Topic Thursday!

Next week I’ll be in… hang on, let me check my Boarding Pass….. VANCOUVER!?!?!?!? —- UH OH!.


Kelly Hall


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The local refinery in Van is down due to planned maintenance. Once it’s back up and running, you’ll see the prices back to where they were before a few month ago. The long term strategy for Vancouver is to be completely fossil fuel free by 2050..