Hot Topic Thursday – “Carbon Cops”

Hot Topic Thursday – “Carbon Cops”

I’m still in Saskatchewan and having a wonderful time!

Speaking of which, I don’t know for certain that Saskatchewan Premier Brad Moe is a reader of mine… he probably has no idea who I am. But I’m glad he and I agree on some of the budget take-aways… and I certainly wish I coined the phrase ‘carbon cops’ before his administration did!

But the facts are facts, and our opinions both ring true —

As you may have read in my previous post, the budget sets aside money on ‘enforcing and administering’ the carbon tax…

It also states that over $100 million over five years is earmarked to, as Premier Moe calls is… “..look at jurisdictions that are not implementing this ill-conceived carbon tax and Saskatchewan will be one of those jurisdictions.”

Money on “policing” rather than Policy

“There’s more dollars that are being allocated to policing a carbon pricing system than we’re discussing in the low-carbon economy fund that Saskatchewan will be attempting to assess,” Moe said.

The federal government has promised a share of a $1.4 billion fund for emission reduction programs in provinces that sign on to the Pan-Canadian climate plan — which includes implementing carbon pricing. The deadline to sign up is Feb. 28 and Saskatchewan is the only province that has refused to sign.

Moe was adamant: “We need to remain competitive. A carbon tax most certainly does not do that,”

Carbon Reduction?

Specifically for Alberta – The Low Carbon Economy Leadership fund will provide Alberta with $150 million to help residents “including farmers and ranchers” reduce energy use and energy costs…. The same was very similar for that of Ontario…. Exactly HOW they plan to do all that “reducing”?? I have no idea… Maybe that means more money into the Alberta energy efficiency fund… or whatever that was called…. More Free LIGHT-BULBS Readers!!

Paris, the city of lights

Speaking of free light-bulbs, I’ve been wondering what’s happening with that whole Paris accord thing.

I guess carbon-reduction isn’t as en vogue as it was in 2016.. the Liberal gov’t seems to have shifted to ‘conservation and biodiversity’ in this years budget.

And somewhere near the back it instead commits $20 million over five years, starting in 2018–19, through Environment and Climate Change Canada to “engage external experts to assess the effectiveness of its measures and identify best practices.” —

We still need experts I guess! I’m Glad they decided to consult these “external experts” when deciding to implement a carbon tax in the first place…… they did, right folks? Didn’t they?… consult with experts?…. I’ll take the $5 million upfront and tell them it was a bad idea.

How to have your cake…

So… be as vague as almost humanly possible, while still somehow committing to be a climate leader and advocate… all while continuing to undermine one of the Western Canada’s most important economic resource… B.C conservationist didn’t like the ambiguity… Alberta and Saskatchewan certainly didn’t care for the lack of incentives… and a quick thought from Manitoba?

… “If you’re just announcing money and you can’t speak to the ways it’s going to be used to fix a problem, then there’s a really good chance that money’s going to be wasted,” said Transcona-Elmwood MP Daniel Blaikie.  (Couldn’t have said it better myself!)

That’s your Hot Topic Thursday

I’ve got to go find some $1000 bills… they’re going extinct.


Kelly Hall


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