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Bucket List Moment! – Interviewing Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Live at the Globe Series

AM Speaker — Minister Jim Carr

“We continue to reinforce our commitment to the pipeline, and give reasons to Canadians why.”

Jim Carr – Canadian Minister of Natural Resources said while speaking at the Globe Series in Vancouver when asked to comment on Rachel Notley saying the Federal Government has to step up it’s support.  (Whatever that means is anyones guess.)

When asked regarding getting “on with it” and onto construction…  “It’s a federally approved pipeline.” … Ok Great…. How about the hold up is being, are we going to step in and intervene?

“The B.C. government said it’s going to consult people, it’s their right to do that.” — Yikes!

“The B.C. government is free to consult people. ” We don’t know exactly where or what court… but they’re free to do that apparently..

Sounds to me like a green-light for BC to delay and stall all they want….
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PM Speaker – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

It was a bucket-list item to get to speak to Robert F. Kennedy Jr…. A bucket list item #2 to get Bobby Kennedy Jr. to call Trump Crazy! – Check and CHECK!

I fumbled with my question — but Robert Kennedy Jr. is a pro… I asked him about NAFTA talks, and a story that 3 Canadian Solar companies have SUED Trump of Solar Panel Tariffs over 30%….. Thoughts from a Kennedy?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr — “I think we have a President who is crazy…. I don’t know what to say”…. I know what to say! “I’ll take it! Thanks Robert!”

Press play below and head to 7-min & 30 seconds to hear the question…. I’ll be back online tonight to edit! Stay tuned.

***Today’s content will be live updated! Stay TUNED!****

Kelly Hall

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