Part I & II – Canada can lead Renewable Energy Industry AND make Pipeline progress

Part I – Solar Canada event happening in Calgary in June.

CALGARYMay 24, 2018  – Solar Canada is Canada’s largest and most important solar energy conference and tradeshow. This year, the event will be taking place for the first time in Western Canada, on June 20-21 at the BMO Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Solar Canada is the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s (CanSIA) annual national conference and exhibition, welcoming an estimated 2,200 attendees and more than 80 exhibitors.

Solar Canada Annual Conference and Exhibition
June 20-21 | Calgary, Alberta
A must-attend event for solar energy professionals, stakeholders and advocates (CNW Group/Canadian Solar Industries Association)

In a statement today — CanSIA released the following statement:

As our Federal Government has pledged to increase electricity generation from non-emitting energy sources from the current 80% to 90% by 2030, solar energy continues to move toward becoming the most viable and inexpensive option for new electricity supply. This June, experts and industry professionals will gather to discuss the business and technical opportunities to harness our abundant solar energy resources in electricity systems that have historically been planned for large centralized fossil-fuel generation.

“As a nation, we are seeking new markets for our enormous traditional energy reserves while rapidly expanding cleantech innovation and development,” says John Gorman, CanSIA President & CEO. “It is a dynamic time in our energy sector and it is this backdrop that makes this year’s conference so timely and of critical importance.”

I can’t believe I have to say this, but we as a country can have both Solar opportunities, as well as pipelines…. 

The current government HAS pledged to increase sources such as wind and solar… without much success… 

ALBERTA has installed WIND Capacity WITHOUT resorting to protests and violence. 

SASKATCHEWAN is looking to boost Solar output and Wind Capacity through SaskPower over the next decade. 

It CAN be done… and yet these provinces can embrace Oil and Gas at the same time! You heard it here first, folks!

Speaking of which… 

PART II – “Canada’s pipeline infrastructure designed to meet the needs of the past, not the future”: CIBC Report

TORONTOMay 24, 2018

Enhanced capacity is crucial to foreign investment and country’s competitiveness”

Additional pipeline capacity for Canadian oil coming online over the next few years won’t be enough to solve significant bottleneck pressures with mounting associated costs for the industry and the country, finds a new report from CIBC Capital Markets.

“The current pipeline infrastructure in Canada is designed to meet the needs of the past, less so the present, and clearly not the future,” say Deputy Chief Economist Benjamin Tal, and Economists Andrew Grantham and Katherine Judge, pointing to C$12 billion in forgone revenues over the past five years which could rise to C$15 billion by 2019.  This is in addition to the “cost of increased reliance on expensive rail transportation and reduced investment.”

“Demand for oil in North America is falling – reducing intra-continental export opportunities – while Asian markets are expected to dominate demand growth in the coming decades.  Simply put, the current pipeline system is ill-equipped to deliver products to where they are needed most.”

Canada energy pipeline needs to grow in capacity if we wish to reach global markets. 

You can check out the CIBC Report here

Hot Topic Thursday, folks!


Kelly Hall

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