Let’s talk energy, and our mixed Energy future:

Starting a discussion with my BC counterparts *other folks feel free to chime in too!… let’s talk about Energy:

Whoa! Hang on! I said “Energy”.. not just Oil…

I was in BC interior recently, the news read like an Albertan’s nightmare from 2008…

Headlines to the south included negative news: Fading LNG dreams, pics of protests re: Kinder Morgan TransMountain, Canadian Oil pricing collapsing! Yikes!

To the north, some mixed news: “Northern Mayors support LNG” (Say what??) BC Carbon emissions quietly continue to increase (Come again??)

So what do reasonable people of BC think of an Energy future?

Perhaps an obvious article on Solar: “Solar possible, but not feasible in coastal B.C., researchers find it’s expensive for cloudy, dark winters”… (cloudy on the coast?! Since when?!)…

OK Wind Power… Alberta having a competitive bid process wind projects.. CBC: Alberta’s wind farm deal scored ‘pretty remarkable price, (Cool! ** borrowed this pic from that article CBC, hope that’s ok** .. some quick research on wind shows that counting Meikle wind farm… a total of 1.. count ’em… 1 BC wind farm since 2013 (Reports show some in the proposal phases, please correct me if I’m wrong)

The no-brainer then, HydroElectric – Regarding Site C: “This is a very, very divisive issue” *Quote from the PREMIER OF BC… (Right, that makes sense) **Yes, I believe this quote was about flooding the land… but also about 12-15% rate hike if it DIDN’T go ahead**

So, let’s talk future people: What does it look like? What do you WANT it to look like?

*An updated P.S. some recent news on Lithium sales is interesting! I’ll have to do some research on this*


Kelly Hall

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