Liberal Federal & Provincial government spending playbook – How do we keep falling for this??

Canadians continue to fall for the same Liberal scheme – Promise Billions of Dollars of spending to “help an economy in need”. Then quietly don’t take action!

OTTAWA —  The Parliamentary Budget Office –  the parliament’s spending authority – says the Liberals are lagging farther and farther behind on their infrastructure program. In the new report, it shows only half (Literally HALF!) of the $14.4 billion earmarked for the first phase of the infrastructure plan has been set aside for projects.

The report warns that while there have been some economic gains from spending, those benefits the Liberals once touted for the spending may not be fully realized.

“Of the total $14.4 billion budget for NIP Phase 1, federal organizations have been able to identify $7.2 billion worth of approved projects that were initiated in either 2016-17 or 2017-18. Thus, $7.2 billion of Phase 1 funding is yet to be attributed to projects.” – The report says.

Parliamentary budget officer Jean-Denis Frechette’s office found 10,052 projects with a combined cost to federal coffers of $7.2 billion have been approved for funding across 32 departments, agencies and Crown corporations since 2016, when the Liberals unveiled the first phase of their infrastructure program,.

The parliamentary budget office’s report says the slippage in spending is likely to affect the budgetary balance sheet by reducing planned deficits in one year at the expense of deeper spending in future years. – What a shock!

“Overall, more than half of the money intended for short-term stimulus will now be spent beyond 2016-
17 and 2017-18.” – The report concludes..

Kicking projects down the road has been a CLASSIC move for this Liberal Government…

Federal coffers are set to dish out $186.7 billion in infrastructure money over the next 12 years, but the most recent federal budget indicated about one-quarter of planned spending between 2016 and 2019 was being moved to future years.

Promise billions of dollars of spending to the suckers **oops.. I meant Voters…. Then happily delay or in some cases, not follow through on the projects AT ALL… and the “budget balances itself” !!

How do Canadians keep falling for this!?

Conservative infrastructure critic Michael Chong said the report reflected a pattern of mismanagement on the infrastructure file, with money not being spent or allocated on time. He said the Liberals promised a solution to this issue during the 2015 election, saying that any uncommitted infrastructure funds would be moved to the gas tax fund that funds work in cities.

“And they’re not doing it,” he said.

“That was their proposal to deal with the problem. They made a half-hearted attempt at it last year and they’re not committing to it this year.”

That was INFRASTRUCTURE ONLY — How about First Nation’s Spending… Bad News folks…

$450M in spending slated for next five years PUSHED BACK until after next federal election in 2019

How can anyone HONESTLY believe anything the Liberals promise right now!?!?

In the 2017 budget, the federal government stated it would spend $2 billion over 11 years on infrastructure in Northern and rural communities. In the first five years, the government said it would spend $650 million, with the remaining $1.35 billion to be spent in the remaining six years….


In the final pages of the 2018 federal budget Finance Minister Morneau released earlier this month, the federal government adjusted how it will send the money out.

(Prepare to NOT be surprised!)

Instead of spending $650 million over the next five years, the federal government now says it will spend $200 million. The remaining $450 million has been pushed back, leaving $1.8 billion now projected to be spent between 2022 and 2028, well, well, welllll after the next federal election slated for roughly 2019. (Seriously!)

I was going to write today’s commentary on some good news stories for First Nations out of the budget… but how can I honestly believe the money will be actually put into the hands they are promised!?! (No idea… but here goes…..)

First Nation and NORTHERN Housing

In Tuesday’s budget, $400 million over the next decade is earmarked toward housing for Inuit in Nunavik, Nunatsiavut, and the Inuvialuit settlement area, I would say that this promise may have been one of the “cornerstones” in the budget aimed at Northern communities.  (Hope ya get it, folks! I really do!)

Oh! And by the Way… that is IN ADDITION to the $240 million promised last year to “improve housing in Nunavut” !! (Okay… hope you get that too, Northern friends!!! But I doubt it!)

Ontario, take note… your falling for it AGAIN

FYI… Kathleen Wynne in Ontario is happily following the same playbook for the upcoming Ontario Election… and guess what folks… it’s WORKING!!!

Come ON!


First Nation Friday, folks.

Kelly Hall



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