Market Monday – International Pipeline Conference in Calgary this week

Amidst the frustration from people and businesses alike regarding Alberta’s pipeline future… ‘the show must go on’, as they say!

The 12th edition of IPC (International Pipeline Conference) takes place this week in Downtown Calgary, bringing in companies and leaders from Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Canada and the United States and more! 

International Pipeline Conference 2018 Calgary Alberta

This year focuses on a series of topics, from Safety, to maintenance, offshore and environmental measures will all highlight the week long series. 

Rachel Notley released an official message Welcoming people to the conference

We know pipelines are the safest, most cost-effective way to move oil to market. And we know there is
a global appetite for oil that is developed responsibly. We have already seen interest in our products
from markets around the globe – what we need is the means to get it there.


From Last week – Ministers in Ottawa are optimistic the NEB review is the right way to go to get Trans Mountain built….. …

Official White Hat Ceremony in Calgary from the #IPC2018

Ian Anderson, President of

Andy Drake, VP

Howard Elliot,

Peter Watson, CEO

Carl Weimer, Pipeline Safety Trust


I’ll be updating this post with IPC Conference content as the week goes on!

So stay tuned!

Market Monday



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