Market Monday – Time to support your Canadian-made energy, folks

Canada’s Home-made energy and technology NEEDS support

Canada as we know is rich in natural resources, it’s time for Canadians to stop being ASHAMED, and start embracing Canada-make energy and energy tech!

Whoa! Hang on, folks! I said “Energy”, not just Oil. Canada has lot’s of resources we need to support!

I was on the highway between Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat, and passed near the Centennial Wind Farm on the Saskatchewan side, near Swift Current.

It was cold, but a beautiful sunny day… my family thinks wind farms are ugly, to me, in the blue sky background, these bright white towers seemed to fit perfectly with the landscape, I didn’t see them as an eyesore at all… But they weren’t spinning! At all!

Ok, Wind farms need wind, fine, but today wasn’t their day I guess… so to power the province they needed other resources! More on that later…

Growing Renewable Market – But local jobs & tech?

There are 83 wind turbines in this Saskatchewan wind farm… turbines made by Vestas. A wind technology company from Denmark.

The blades, not manufactured in Canada. The technology.. not Canadian… The concrete… I hope it’s Canadian!   I also hope they hired locally for the Saskpower Transmission and the backend required to plug it to the grid..

I’ve mentioned before that a just over a year ago Siemens Wind Power Canada, a division of German Siemens, closed their Canadian blade manufacturing plant in Ontario, about 340 people lost jobs at the time. Energy jobs! Canadian Energy jobs!

Canadian Companies begging for help, getting silence

In a previous post, I also mentioned that Three Canadian solar panel manufacturers are suing U.S. over the 30 per cent tariff it set on solar cell imports. This didn’t make news headlines like Trudeau is running around shouting from the rooftop to save steel and aluminum jobs, how about CANADIAN Solar Technology jobs!!! What about them!?

So here we are… Alberta and Saskatchewan Oil and Gas jobs… not a priority for the government and certainly a nasty topic for Canadians as a whole??

Wind farms… good, embrace the future… but they are NOT Canadian… made in Europe or China… imported, installed, and moving along.

Solar technology – We have GOOD Canadian people and we DON’T support them publicly!

How about Coal — Bad news for YOU British Columbia.. your a HUGE exporter of it… HUGE! Millions of Mega-tonnes! It’s going to China and Asian markets, so I guess if we don’t see it or use it, we don’t have to care about the fact WE are responsible for it going to market.

US President Donald Trump is being criticized for his protectionist view on the economy, but I will take away part of his argument that I agree with…

Let’s make it Canada FIRST… and not Canada ALONE.


Embrace Canadian Clean Tech! — I’ll be at Globe Series in Vancouver for one of the biggest clean tech forums in the World will take place this week.. I hope Canadian tech can make us proud.. but if our own people don’t support our OWN local resources, Canada will be LAST. or worse yet, LEFT BEHIND.

That’s your Market Monday.




Kelly Hall

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