Oil Sands Saturday – Trump, Trudeau, and Tariffs!

Oil Sands Saturday – Trump, Trudeau, and Tariffs!

Does the Canada Government HAVE a Plan to deal with Tariff strategy

Rest assured the threat of Trump adding tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum was heard in the Oil patch, and I know companies were scrambling to do some quick math on what impact that would have on the nation’s oil industry — higher costs for pipelines, drilling equipment, you name it.

A little open opinion here — I actually believe Trump hears the word “Deficit” and immediately pictures Uncle Sam with empty pockets looking very forlorn. In reality, NAFTA, TPP and Trade in general are all very complex issues and have to be carefully calculated and …. okay guys! Trump’s stopped reading…

Justin! I’m worried… I know it’s hard to negotiate with a guy like Donald… but come on! It looks easy on tv… “Mr. President you’ve beat me again… jeez, well played… I can’t compete with such smartness”.. (Say “smartness”, he loves it”)… Next thing you know, badda-bing badda-boom, Canada’s exempt!

Take it, that’s free advice…  i’ll even wave my consultant fee’s.


*I borrowed from CBC and don’t know who to credit, but I love it!

Readers, I’ve said it before… I actually kinda like Chrystia Freeland, the Canadian leader of the NAFTA negotiations. I think she’s opinionated, business oriented, and let’s face it… that look says it all.. even she can’t believe what she has to work with on the other side of the table… oh mon dieu!

But, Chrystia.. we’re worried about you to… you boss is putting you in a tough spot… without access to tidewater… our only access to the global market is through… Uh Oh…. the United States…

When your working with such a “stable genius”.. his words, not mine… even he can see it wouldn’t take much of a tariff on Canadian Oil to put a pretty big damper on our next office Christmas party… Oh… did we tell you we’ve had to cancel our office Xmas party… You know how it is… Budget Cuts…… Oh wait… you don’t know what budget cuts are… Okay, moving on!

Tell me you have a plan

Negotiating is hard work, I get it. Trump vs. Trudeau isn’t exactly the battle of the brains we were looking forward to, but it’s the trade war we got!

So put on your Red socks like your Tiger Woods on a Sunday and go get ’em!

Tell him you don’t need his steel, we’ll manufacture our own… and we don’t need your Keystone XL either… we’ve got one going East and one more going West… heck, one more going north too!! Go Canada Go!

That’s your Oil Sands Saturday … I hope the sarcasm wasn’t too heavy, I’ve been stuck in a blizzard!



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