Oil Sands Saturday – Alberta Oilsands being beaten up by BC, Al Gore… and now thanks to FAILED Liberal Lobbying… Alaska??

Alaska wants to slap the Alberta oilsands with 9 cents a barrel tax — for revenge

The Canadian government was concerned about the pristine wilderness on the country’s Porcupine caribou herd, named for the river that spans its range into Alaska. So its embassy in Washington lobbied U.S. lawmakers to vote against the Republican bid to add a refuge-drilling measure to the tax-cut package.

They lost the gamble. The tax cuts passed and drilling is set to resume after a 40-year hiatus.

Now one lawmaker has a plan to punish the North American neighbour with what amounts to a new tax on hundreds of millions of barrels of Canadian oil imported annually into the U.S.

“It was not a smart move,” …..

Read the Article from Bloomberg here:

Al Gore

I usually wouldn’t post this, but it makes me mad STILL that Canadians are so divided we let outsiders CONSTANTLY trash our own economy, our own jobs, our own neighbors. 

“Dirty tar sands”…. Man did CANADA bite on that hook! — How did we let the outsiders win the PR battle with that one!?

Not to mention the science that shows Canada doesn’t have the “dirtiest oil”.. But we were complacent. 

Even Calgary’s own Jann Arden is taking heat for a 2016 tweet that included the jab… 

People in Fort McMurray including Pro-oilsands activist Robbie Picard who runs a Facebook page called Oilsands Strong, are calling on followers to #boycottjanarden (From an upcoming Concert in the area)

Jann’s tweet wasn’t an isolated event, we as Canadians let this term come to define one of the biggest industries in the Country! 

I was at an AGM meeting for a Calgary Oil Company… and their marketing strategy was brought up. 

“Low-Key” is the right way to go…. 



So as Alberta feels the heat from the West, South, East… and NOW THE NORTH!…. It’s hard to stay positive that my friends, family, and neighbours will continue to have a place to work….. 

Hey, maybe Ontario’s Auto Sector is hiring… maybe in their Solar Car division….

That’s your Oil Sands Saturday


Kelly Hall

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