Oil Sands Saturday

Keystone XL, supported by US President Donald Trump is looking, (and possibly GETTING!) support from the Alberta Government, as well as shipping commitments as they attempt to solidify land easements in the US. According to TransCanada Corp. chief executive: TCPL will need to add as much as $200 million to the cost of its currently estimated US$8 billion Keystone XL pipeline project after regulators in Nebraska approved alternatives to the company’s preferred route.

From a commitment perspective, TCPL has stated it had already secured roughly 500,000 barrels a day of 20-year commitments for the project, not bad for a project with so many hurdles. Keep it up Alberta!

In the news release from TransCanada, “We appreciate Alberta Premier Rachel Notley for her government’s commitment to the project which was instrumental to achieving the commercial support needed to proceed,”

“Expect Annual Dividend Growth at the Upper End of 8 to 10% Range” *From the Annual Meeting…

So, what to watch out for in the near future: In my opinion if we continue to hear politicians on both sides of the border say that they support and continue to move forward, commitments on shipping side may further get locked down!


Kelly Hall

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Rick Seabrook

Here! Here!

Rick Seabrook

Sorry, spelling correction. Hear, hear. Is what was meant.