Prime Minister Trudeau to interrupt foreign trip – sort of – to deal with Trans Mountain fallout

Trudeau to interrupt foreign trip to meet with Notley, Horgan on pipeline impasse

PM will return to Ottawa from Peru on Sunday to meet with premiers of Alberta, B.C.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will interrupt his nine-day foreign trip to return to Ottawa to meet with B.C. Premier John Horgan and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley to try to end the stalemate over the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

As Trudeau will interrupt foreign trip, can any Trans Mountain action be expected?

Before Trudeau’s announcement, Finance Minister Bill Morneau met with Notley in Toronto early Wednesday evening.

Notley said she left the meeting feeling “more convinced” that Ottawa will soon take action, but did not say what options were on the table.

“I will say that he did assure me the Canadian government plans to take swift action on this file,”

I hope so Rachel!

Speaking to media earlier today, Minister Morneau had so politically correct words: “Those discussions are already underway. I don’t have the opportunity to give you more details because we do need to get through those discussions to find the right approach to ensuring that this is delivered on behalf of Canadians.

Regarding Prime Minister Trudeau: After meeting with the premiers, Trudeau is now scheduled to travel to Paris for his first official visit to France and a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. He will also address the French National Assembly.

He is scheduled to then travel to London, where he is to meet the Queen and British Prime Minister Theresa May before attending the Commonwealth heads of government meeting.

In Alberta Oil Sands Technology News….

Courtesy of CBC: Oilsands research could be ‘game changer’ for renewable energy

Researchers are extracting vanadium from the oilsands and using it to build batteries

Shell’s project aims to extract a metal called vanadium from bitumen and use the material to produce large, utility-scale electricity storage for the renewable energy sector, which has struggled with ways to store large amounts of energy in a stable, reliable way.

“It will prove that we are capable of delivering renewable energy game-changing ideas not in spite of traditional energy but precisely because of it.”– JT Steenkamp , Shell Canada engineer

Check out Kyle’s Article Here


With Energy storage capabilities beginning to take shape, especially Canada-made ones! The amount of large scale renewable projects can take shape, like the 2 out east this week. 

That’s your hot topic Thursday!


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