Parliament Hill Ottawa – Protesters outraged as Kinder Morgan sale deadline is today

Ottawa Protests Parliament Hill against Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain

Greenpeace doesn’t even mention this on twitter.. as it wasn’t their idea so they can’t capitalize on it

I guess GreenPeace only cares about protests if it gets THEM publicity??? 

As the deadline for Kinder Morgan to help Canada find another buyer for the Trans Mountain pipeline expires this weekend, Ottawa Protests at Parliament Hill rallied against the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain sale.

The protesters dressed in white hazmat suits and as Kinder Morgan employees, carrying both a fake pipeline and a “bill for $4.5 billion” — the cost of the purchase. 

I should note… that DOESN’T include construction costs, and as I’ve said, is a legitmate argument to be made, but that’s not the protesters goal. 

You can check out the CBC article and RadioCanada photo’s here

This latest episode on The Hill is just an ongoing series of protests without increased penalty on actions. 

In Montreal, Greenpeace activists climbed Olympic Stadium to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to seek ownership in the pipeline. 

Anti-pipeline protesters at a campsite in Burnaby, B.C., have remained defiant yet face the tear-down enforcement in the coming week. 

Sunday July 22 is the deadline

Kinder Morgan Canada and the federal government in Ottawa have spent several weeks jointly trying to find another buyer, with July 22 serving as the deadline for Kinder Morgan to stop co-marketing the pipeline.

Essentially Canada becomes sole owners of a pipeline following this weekends joint Deadline. 

Federal officials have consistently said Canada continues to search for new owners and has no interest in being a long-term pipeline owner.

Canada will end up owning the existing pipeline, the Westridge marine terminal in Burnaby, as well as pumping stations and rights of way along the routes. Not to mention the new pipeline when completed. 

Government still looking for investors

This project is in the national interest and must be completed. – This has been the talking point of pretty much every Canadian Politician since Trudeau took up ownership claims. 

As I have said.. and continue to say.. expect these protests to continue. 





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