Protesting Canadian Oil and Gas Production Isn’t Protecting The Environment – It’s Helping Global Billionaires

Canadians have the freedom to protest and disagree. A RIGHT that is not shared equally around the globe. For that I am truly thankful for being Canadian.

I have also learned lately that not all protests are created equal – meaning some protests, like my protest against bed-time as a toddler, were valid, sure, but probably not that enlightened.

Which leads me to the Kinder Morgan pipeline protests.

At least 750 people were expected to gather outside the Vancouver Art Gallery before marching to the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre where Trudeau will be speaking at a Liberal Party fundraising event.

The march was being organized by, SumOfUs and Canada.

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs Grand Chief Stewart Phillip said he will be leading a march on April 7 at 11 a.m. and “getting arrested at the gates of Kinder Morgan,” in a release.

“As an Indigenous person, I am affirming my personal and collective right and commitment to the land and the water, ” Phillip said.

Yup. It’s your right. As I said.

In fact, I may darn well agree with a lot of what these fine folks are fighting for, at least in theory anyway. Land and water.

I cannot seem to get this part of the message across though – People NEED Fossil Fuels! Today… Tomorrow… Sunday…. NEED ‘EM!

I go to Vancouver.. often! — Richmond is a parking lot! I can’t get anywhere without a car!

I took the train from the Airport to Downtown Vancouver, and rented a bike on the harbourfront because I wanted to fit in…

I didn’t fit in! I was the only one doing it!

Cars! Trucks! People honking at me to cross the street faster! — Protesters! Listen To Me! YOUR OWN PEOPLE HAVEN’T GOT THE MESSAGE EITHER!

OceanWise says the biggest threat to Vancouver Ocean Marine Life is MICRO PLASTICS!

NOT AN OIL SPILL… MICRO PLASTICS! From your Tim Horton’s Coffee cup LID, to your 100% Polyester sweater going into the WASHING MACHINE, and ONTO THE OCEAN!

Ok, so if we still need oil, and we’re not getting it from Alberta? Where does it come from? – These people!! Heard of ’em!?

Before you tell me to put away my tinfoil hat, a quick rundown.

Clockwise from Top Left –

Dick Cheney – former vice president of the United States

Warren Buffett – Depending on the day, the 3rd or 4th Richest man in the world, and Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild – You’ve never heard of Jacob Rothschild?? OF COURSE you haven’t… he intends to keep it that way! Do yourself a favor and google him. The Rothschild family has jokingly (or in my opinion.. very literally!) are unofficially credited for CREATING ISRAEL! More on that later!

Last but not least, Rupert Murdoch – Australian-born American media mogul most likely noted for owning Fox News.

So, what do they all have to do with Oil?

Let me start with Warren Buffett –

Both Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways have said they are demanding long-term take-or-pay contracts and higher rates to add locomotives and train crews to move oil because they fear the business will evaporate once new export pipelines come on stream.

No kidding! Cash in while the gettings-good! Right!

The International Energy Agency said earlier this month it expects crude-by-rail shipments to more than double over the next two years as a lack of pipeline capacity forces Canadian producers to look to alternatives.

The Paris-based agency forecasts crude-by-rail exports will grow from 150,000 barrels a day in late 2017 to 250,000 barrels a day this year and then to 390,000 barrels a day in 2019.

Good news for Rail Stocks … I wonder who owns RAIL STOCKS??

If I’m a rail transportation owner, and my biggest threat to the crude-by-rail isn’t the protests of OIL Transportation… because those protesters aren’t too concerned about a spill via Rail Line apparently… it’s that a PIPELINE cuts into my bottom line…

This is where Warren Buffett, comes in. The Oracle of Omaha, a prominent US spokesperson and 3rd Richest man in the US  has been VERY vocal about his opposition to Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline. He would lose billions from his train-based oil transportation quasi-monopoly if pipelines are further constructed.

Lets look at facts…

If something is almost 5 times safer, and yet people are AGAINST it… ask yourselves WHY that might be!!!!????

By the way… Warren Buffett also SOLD ALL OF HIS KINDER MORGAN STOCK IN 2016!

So… big RAIL owners in the US are opposing pipelines… and probably influencing a lot of people a the same time..


Dick Cheney, Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch are all investors/board members of Genie Energy.

Genie Energy owns a subsidiary known as AFEK Oil and Gas.

In 2013, Israeli authorities awarded Afek Oil and Gas an exclusive petroleum exploration license to a  plot in the Golan Heights, which the UN recognizes to be Syrian territory. 

Go ahead and google Golan Heights, but it’s here:

How can they get access to Syrian Territory through Israel… ?

Now… Readers… Ask yourselves why a place as hostile and volatile as this would be a boon for Oil Tycoons?

Well, because it’s NOT CANADA! and the Protesters Don’t EXIST… or don’t exist FOR LONG…. 

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Kelly Hall

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