Protests like Vancouver Ironworker bridge will continue without hard-line from Prime Minster

Justin Trudeau acknowledges ‘extremes’ on both sides,

CalgaryJuly 7, 2018  –  Justin Trudeau was in Calgary for the Opening of the Calgary Stampede… yet he faced some tough questions on a blazing hot YYC Rooftop. 

But first… Some quick headlines

Mayor Nenshi and Justin Trudeau were at the Airport to announce some funding for Airport Infrastructure…

Calgary needs some road upgrades! Certainly! The Ring road being one of them… Airport connections being another!

While Mayor Nenshi didn’t quite agree that this is a pre-requisite to an Airport LRT Connection… It’s a start! Fingers Crossed!

Next, the gang headed to the Rooftop of YYC Airport to make the announcements

Calgary is making progress on Infrastructure projects. The city has faced a lot of challenges, and hopefully some progress will help!

Finally, I got to ask my Question —

Kelly – Protesters like Green Peace Canada are claiming the protest in BC as a victory… encouraging others to do the same in the future…. What can you say to those people who think it’s a good idea???

Prime Minister – “Some Canadians still think there’s a choice to be made, between Protecting the Environment, and Growing the economy…. I disagree, and indeed most Canadians disagree”… 

He acknowledged that there are people on the extreme that are free to demonstrate their opinion safely, and within the law, and without harming others…. 


… More to come this weekend!

You can check out the whole session below!


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