Rachel Notley skips Western Canada Premier Summit – Pipeline her “only” priority

Rachel Notley defended her decision today to skip Western Premiers’ summit, a conference held in the Northwest Territories –  to stay in Alberta and work on getting the Trans Mountain pipeline built.

Notley was scheduled this week to meet with B.C.’s John Horgan, a key opposition to Kinder Morgan, along with the premiers of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon on Wednesday. The Deputy Premier will go instead.

“My only priority is to make sure the pipeline gets built.”

Strong words. 

I still don’t know if she can pull it off. 

In a statement, Notley’s spokesperson said the premier wants to keep her attention focused on the May 31 deadline set by Kinder Morgan, which in April suspended all non-essential activities on the expansion of its Trans Mountain pipeline through B.C.

Alberta has passed legislation allowing it to limit fuel exports to B.C., but British Columbia countered by announcing plans for a lawsuit that would declare Alberta’s legislation unconstitutional.

Kelly’s Note — In the interest of fairness… it isn’t technically “turning off the taps”… It’s allowing the “prioritized flow of “more valuable” resources to pass through, instead of already refined fuel

Think of it as sending gold instead of silver… both are valuable.. but Alberta gets more bang-for-its-buck… 

*That may be a bad metaphor… I’m all ears for better examples, readers!

To the East.. Saskatchewan Premier wants to say his piece too!

“I’m very concerned that we are missing an opportunity here in this nation to advance our economic benefit here, not just in Saskatchewan, but in Western Canada and the nation of Canada,” Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said.

Moe has also said the federal government should withhold sending federal infrastructure money to B.C. over that province’s opposition to Trans Mountain. 

Rachel Notley held a press conference today… Her words echoed the feeling the rest of Alberta has about the subject…. 

“This isn’t business as usual — not even close,” she said Tuesday at a news conference.

Meanwhile… word from the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau…. Crickets….





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