Saturday/Sunday – Weekend Wrap Up – Part 2 – Aboriginal engagement, Government inaction, and being OceanWise

Saturday/Sunday – Weekend Wrap Up – Part 2 – Aboriginal engagement, Government inaction, and being OceanWise

Part 2 – I was more optimistic with Canadian Business Leaders and Aboriginal Leaders working together, yet continuing to be disappointed with the prospects of government action.

Of all the forums, this may have been my favourite! – Aboriginal Engagement

Suncor COO Mark Little sat down for a round-table discussion (well, minus the table) with Fort McKay Chief Jim Boucher, President and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business JP Gladu, @jp_gladu and Dr. Judith Sayers, President of the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal and former Chief of Hupacasath First Nation. 

First of all, what can I say about Dr. Judith Sayers!? – Smart, very well thought out responses, very respectful and genuine, and, even though we disagree on some things, she can make her points VERY understandable! Keep it up Judy! Judith Sayers

I got to speak briefly with JP about an article I had written on Perry Bellegarde and the 81 aboriginal communities with water advisories… “Obviously ZERO is the goal”… Agreed, JP!

The goal of this event was to identify how Indigenous Partnerships can drive social, economic and ecological impact. I think it worked!

“First Nations investing in the economy is a big thing in this country. Having access to capital and being able make investments allows them to generate their own source of revenue, and helps them pay for the programs that they need.” –Fort McKay Chief Jim Boucher

It’s no secret that Fort McKay under the guidance of Chief Jim Boucher Suncor, Fort McKay First Nation (FMFN) and Mikisew Cree First Nation (MCFN)  completed the acquisition of a 49 per cent partnership in Suncor’s East Tank Farm Development for total proceeds of $503 million late last year.

The tank farm is a huge boon to the success of future of the Fort McKay people.

Speaking of Oil and Gas

Judith Sayers, who represents coastal people and have a different view of what needs to be protected, had this to say:

“If you sit down and work with a company to work things out, sometimes you don’t know if you’re going to say yes or no until those issues are addressed… but if you can sit down at the table and work things out, then more power to you.” – Judith Sayers

How to move forward

The latest round of Protests have lead to a lot of skeptics on both sides… from Professional Protesters and Trudeau town-halls, and foreign money being able to influence our elections and guide our NEWS STORIES is not the Canada I care to be a part of.

Shouting and hired protesters do NOTHING to move a discussion forward, all it does it cause distrust on both sides, and stunts any hope at progress, sitting down together and listening is the only way to get things done in my opinion. If the people feel KinderMorgan and Transmountain are simply being rammed down their throat, I can understand the feelings of betrayal.

Finally, Mark Little of Suncor had very insightful opinions on the partnership they created with the Fort McKay people:

“How do we share in the success of this journey? Instead of just talking about the business transaction – we looked at balancing the social, economic, and environment holistically to come together and move forward.” – Mark Little

I didn’t get to ask my questions on Kinder Morgan as I was given the “times up” sign during question period… oh, well, next Pipeline I guess!

Don’t bank on the Government

The Federal Government certainly stuck to the script while at the Globe Forum, Jim Carr and Catherine McKenna keeping any responses on Kinder Morgan pretty by-the-book.

And by “by-the-book” I mean generic and vague:

First UP – Jim Carr – Honourable Minister of Natural Resources

When the Minister was asked to comment on Rachel Notley saying the Federal Government has to step up it’s support:

“We continue to reinforce our commitment to the pipeline, and give reasons to Canadians why.”

Okay, umm, great job Federal Government, you continue to reinforce your commitment… Whatever that means is anyone’s guess.

When asked regarding getting “on with it” and onto construction…

“It’s a federally approved pipeline.”

… Ok, again.. that’s great…. How about the fact BC is attempting to hold up the process with consultations and litigation…?

“The B.C. government said it’s going to consult people, it’s their right to do that.” — Yikes!

You agree the B.C. government is free to continue to consult people, even after the Federal Government has stated it’s done all the “Consultation” it needs to…  We don’t know exactly where or what court they in BC are referring to… but they’re free to do that apparently.

Sounds to me like a green-light for BC to delay and stall all they want….

Honourable Catherine McKenna – Environment Minister

Catherine McKenna used the time to say the B.C.’s coast will be safer, even with the expansion of Trans Mountain’s pipeline because of the Liberals new $1.5 billion Oceans Protection Plan thrown into the Budget earlier this month.

So good news everyone, the pipeline is a go! Or NOT! … I have no idea, folks!


Canadians can help protect the Ocean, and it’s not from stopping Kinder Morgan……IT’S FROM YOUR CLOTHES!!!!

I got to meet an amazing team including David at Ocean-Wise! Their Mission is simple:

“Our mission is to inspire the global community to become Ocean Wise by increasing its understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans.”

They got a huge fan this week.. Me!

They care about the ocean… the invest in time and research to protect the ocean… They don’t care about politics, or fake protesters… just meaningful work to ensure the people coexist with our ocean friends!

(I can still eat the fish though right David,.. He said YES, but only OceanWise certified! Done & Done! )

Okay, what’s my point… They day to day concerns are not with a tanker spill… that’s a hypothetical…

2 things….

First, be sure to Eat sustainably…. check for OceanWise food.

Second, and most importantly… MicroPlastics are the single most important MAN MADE ISSUE for the OCEAN!

Not Kinder Morgan… Not TransMountain…. It’s MicroPlastics! Wake UP Canada!

  • Tiny microbeads that wash down our drains from personal care products;
  • Fragments of single-use plastic items, such as coffee cup lids and plastic bags; and/or
  • Plastic microfibres that shed from textiles in laundry and other processes.

Please understand this readers! It’s very important!

Some free awareness on behalf of OceanWise, since they struck a chord with me this week!

Plastic is filling our oceans at the rate of one dump truck full every minute.

Tiny zooplankton that support the ocean food chain are mistaking plastic for food. Seabirds are found with plastic pieces in their bellies.
We need a sea change. Today.

Every day we use and throw away plastic cups, straws, bags and other single use items. In fact, more than eighty per cent of the plastic waste in the ocean is coming from the land.

A shocking half of all the plastic produced in the world is used to make items designed to be used once and thrown away.

  • 1-million water bottles are sold every minute around the world
  • 500 billion plastic bags are consumed on this planet every year
  • 86 per cent of all plastic packaging is used only once then discarded.

The OceanWise #BePlasticWise Challenge:

  • Pledge to take your reusable coffee mug wherever you get your cup of joe.
  • If you forget, refuse the take-out cup and ask your barista for a reusable mug.
  • If a to-go cup is your only option, and you really need that beverage, refuse the plastic lid.


CHINA, RUSSIA, and the United States are the BIGGEST Benefactors for CANADA working AGAINST ITSELF!!
CANADIANS! We DO need to stand up… we DO need to take ACTION…. but we are being TRICKED and MANIPULATED in to thinking it’s at Alberta’s Oil Sands…

That’s your weekend wrap-up from Globe Series…

I’ll have some more stories from my coverage… but that’s for another time!


Kelly Hall




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