Saturday/Sunday – Weekend Wrap Up – Part 1 – SMUG Warning

Saturday/Sunday –  Weekend Wrap Up – SMUG Warning for the Coastline

Globe Series Vancouver 2018 Wrapped up this week with lots of potential in renewable energy, green infrastructure projects, and the ever looming debate over pipelines…

Getting to meet David Suzuki, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and a whole host of passionate people was indeed a pleasure.

I learned a lot about myself this week.

I went to Globe Series Vancouver as an optimistic-skeptic *Trademarked.

I believe the climate change is a problem.

I believe we can do A LOT to protect wildlife and the environment.

I believe that Solar Power is a real untapped resource. A resource especially reliable in Saskatchewan and Alberta, where they experience oodles and oodles of sunlight!

I believe Europe is leading the way in offshore Wind Farms, I KNOW that Ontario has a moratorium on them for the Great Lakes, even though the US is finalizing project plans for their side of Lake Erie, and possibly Lake Michigan. Not to mention Cape Cod to the East… Canada on the other hand. Silence.. B.C. doesn’t “need it” (Hydro), more on that later!, and East Coast doesn’t want it. *Not sure why, you tell me, East Coasters!

I believe CANADA, and the World, is going to use fossil fuels for years to come, and I KNOW Canada is being laughed at Globally for it’s inability to harness it’s resources.

Level of SMUG at an all-time high

Yes, there is a certainly Irony that I’m about to talk about being smug, right after by 7 sentences about ME, but here goes.

There was a lot of patting on the back at this years Globe Series. I guess deservedly so after the leaps and bounds in the progress that has TRULY been made in the renewable resource sector, and Green Tech as a whole. Great Job! Honestly.

But when confronted with REAL questions on ACTUAL ways to make progress,  vague answers and generic green vision none-sense… Except Ironically from the US representatives.. who were MORE than HAPPY to let the Canadian keep our Oil in the Ground and increase their exports at the expense of Canada…. #MAGA


California EPA Representative  Matt Rodriquez had lots of praise for BC and John Horgan, and touted their own California success stories on clean energy…. Ya, nobody drives cars in California Mr. Rodriquez…. just look at the 405…

David Suzuki

Speaking of traffic… I had the pleasure to speak with David Suzuki for about 5 minutes without recording. To be fair… he didn’t have to, and was not a speaker at the Globe Series, so I sincerely thank him for taking the time… but I was NOT gentle…

DS – We’ve got to get off *** fossil fuels

KH – Agreed, David… But, this is my first time in Vancouver, and I expected you all to be on bikes.. in FACT, I took at 14-hour greyhound bus from Calgary JUST to fit in… and here we are traffic jam after traffic jam on a rainy day… no one is STOPPING driving anytime soon…

DS – I was just in Calgary and they called us *** hypocrites for flying and ****

KH – Ok… but still doesn’t answer my question…. what do we DO… Vancouver is still driving cars…. what do we DO….

DS – Keep it in the Ground….

Wow! No wonder I’m so frustrated! I try to have an ACTUAL conversation on the future.. and I get generic responses that work on, I dunno who… but it must work!…  Last try…

KH “Trudeau and McKenna say we’re gonna hit our Paris Targets..”

DS “They’re still using Harpers numbers!”

KH “Okay, agreed… but they put all the budget into R & D”

DS “Yes, Trudeau likes to use the Research bucket”….. .

THAT! Mr. Suzuki, is something we agree on!

I’d love to sitdown for an HONEST interview if you’ll have me Mr. Suzuki… although I can’t pay as much as the Calgary Teachers!

Moving on…


Governor of Washington Jay Inslee again was more than happy to pat John Horgan on the back for the work he’s doing in British Columbia…

The governor of Washington says his state is “allied” with British Columbia in questioning whether the Trans Mountain pipeline should be expanded…. Washington State doesn’t want BC to have Oil exports… hmm… Let’s dig into that a little bit….

Washington State… Here’s some stats for you Mr. Premier….

Washington state is the oil refining capital of the Northwest and has the fifth highest refining capacity of any US state. As of 2015, there are 5 refineries in Washington state with a joint capacity of 631,700 b/d.[1] They are, in order of greatest b/d capacity, Cherry Point refineryShell Anacortes refineryTesoro Anacortes refineryFerndale refinery and U.S. Oil refinery.

Are we seriously being tricked by these “geniuses”… man.. Trump says the World is Laughing at the US… I think the US is laughing at Canada! Suckers!

The US used to be a ZERO export country of crude oil… Canada on the other hand was booming….

Fast Forward to 2017…

Canada! Come on! Don’t be fooled!

The world NEEDS fossil fuels…. at least for MY lifetime.

Vancouver is touted and applauded for being one of the greenest cities in the World, certainly North America…

I spent the Wednesday morning in Traffic Jams for hours!!!

Come on Canada! Use your head!

I took the SkyTrain to Richmond for my bonus Saturday in town…. I couldn’t WALK ANYWHERE!!!!!

My options to get to Steveston and the Harbour were a $40 cab ride or a 45 minute CITY BUS!…

Folks, I kid you not! .. I took the dam bus!! First time in a looooong time….. it was fun…. people watching… I was the LAST stop….. and had to do it again in a few hours….. NOT a pleasant experience… Fish and Chips were delicious…

We drive cars…
Come on Vancouver admit it!!

John Horgan, BC Residents… don’t stand there and tell me your all-star city is a utopia…. It’s full of cars like the rest of Canada…

Some closing notes from the week:

Ontario… Please wake up… You have an election soon… Your electricity bills are SKY-FREAKING HIGH….. Ask yourselves WHY THAT MIGHT BE!

Heck.. come and ask me, I’ll tell you!

Quebec… you dumped RAW sewage into the St. Lawrence river… TWICE!… Millions and millions of LITRES….. heck so does Victoria, BC! 

Wake up people!!!

I’m optimistic about the future… but I hate being lied to.. and I CERTAINLY can’t respect people that have such a closed-minded view on their own Country!

Russia and China just had “elections” that essentially gave unlimited lifetime power to their leaders. (In China’s case, this is LITERAL, and not figurative!)

They are profiting from Canada’s LACK OF ACTION with their resources! We Need to ACT NOW!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 Folks… I promise to be calm!

That’s your Weekend Wrap-UP

Kelly Hall





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