Solar Sunday – 2 parter today – Nova Scotia announces Solar program – UK manufacturer eyeing Montreal for Solar Panel facility

The government of Canada, jointly with Nova Scotia this week announced a program that will help Nova Scotia residents fit their homes with solar panels.

July 15, 2018 (EnergySpotlight) – Known as the SolarHomes program, it will provide rebates of up to 30% off the costs to buy and install rooftop solar systems and is expected to assists at least 2,000 Nova Scotian households in going solar over the next four years.

“By adding solar to their homes, Nova Scotian families can cut their energy bills today, while having more energy choices and more control over their energy future,” said Minister of the Public Service Commission Tony Ince “Our province continues to be a national leader in fighting climate change, and this new program will build on our successes for the economic and environmental benefit of all Nova Scotians.”

The SolarHomes program is supported by the government of Canada’s Low Carbon Economy Fund, through which Nova Scotia is eligible to receive $56 million

Participants in the program will lower their energy costs by an average of CAD 1,300  per year, according to the statement. The average rebate will be about $7,000 and the maximum rebate will be $10,000.

Part 2

UK based Solargise is eyeing Canada for next-Gen plastic free solar panel manufacturing

July 15, 2018 (EnergySpotlight) – Company plans $2.3 bln on manufacturing in either Quebec or Ontario

Solargise, a company active in new and clean energies, plans to invest $ 2.3 billion in the manufacture of new generation plastic free solar panels in Quebec, specifically the East Montreal area. The company is also examining three sites in Ontario.

To carry out this green project, Solargise is already assured of financing US$ 878 million, of which US$ 260 millioncomes from its own sources. The remaining financial package will soon be completed.

Solargise’s high efficiency ultra low degradation solar panels will be distinguished by a two-layer glass sealing technology on photovoltaic cells, minimizing the efficiency losses. – They said in a Press Release

For the first time, solar panels will not contain any plastic.

If this Cleantech project is implemented in Quebec, Solargise intends to move its research facilities from Europe to Montreal. About fifteen to twenty foreign researchers would settle in Greater Montreal.

The project once completed will create 1,000 direct jobs.

It should be noted (By me..) That this UK company currently manufactures and installs the bulk of their solar panels in India. 

They have stated that the intent is to sell and ship a lot of the products to India… so it’s pretty safe to say most of these “Canadian made” solar panels, won’t being staying on rooftops in Canada…. 

Here’s the Grade –

I’m gonna give Montreal some credit – The Chamber of Commerce of Montreal, and “Montreal International“, an economic agency that attracts business and talent to the area were apparently key advisers on this deal, so getting a big international Win is good for the City, Province, and Country, so good job guys! A+

Nova Scotia project – $56 Million of the $68 is coming from the Federal Gov’s “Low Carbon fund”… The province is putting up only $3 million of their own money per year over 4 years. But hey, take the money if you can get it I guess! (B-)

I noted earlier this week that Saskatchewan is essentially “Ineligible” to apply for any of these type programs because of their unwillingness to sign onto the Carbon Tax…. Take that for what it’s worth… The Government  is only willing to help fight climate change as long as YOU’RE willing to be taxed in the meantime…. 

That’s Your Solar Sunday


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