Solar Sunday – Canadian solar rules killing productivity… AGAIN! — While USA growing strength!

BC Hydro customers that produce TOO MUCH solar energy could lose payout for excess power – SERIOUSLY!

BC is proposing to end the program that pays its customers for their surplus solar power.

Vancouver residents that are TRYING to do the environmental “right thing” may soon realize BC feels there is such a thing of too much sunshine!

Currently it’s still rare, but with BC residents wanting to add solar panels to their homes, enough to power their current rates, and send power BACK to the grid, may face rule changes. 

BC Hydro announced in April that it will be changing eligibility requirements for its net metering program to restrict applicants from exceeding their personal electricity needs.


Under the current program, those who produce more energy than they use receive 9.99 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity.

BC Hydro says it has nearly 1,400 customers are part of a program where excess power generated privately is sold back to the utility.

Not HUGE.. but it points to my bigger picture of Canada furiously changing it’s rules and decisions while trying to jam environmental policies down our throats!

Nice Try Catherine McKenna…. Canada can’t climb on the backs of GLOBAL success, and claim it as YOUR OWN! It’s NOT

So again, Having a positive view towards renewable energy is great, that’s all fine and good Honourable McKenna… but if the Federal Government, and in this case Provincial Electrical Producer, keeps changing the goal posts, and ripping the rug from underneath Canadians, there’s only so many times Charlie Brown kicks at that football!

Meanwhile…. From The Orange County Register….

California to become first U.S. state mandating solar on new homes

If approved as expected, solar installations on new homes will skyrocket.

Yeah… no kidding!

That’s your Solar Sunday. 


Kelly Hall


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