Solar Sunday – Corporations doing the heavy lifting on Gov’t Promises


Solar Sunday – While Gov’t plays to masses, Businesses do the heavy lifting

Business big and small stepping up on solar power and renewables, while the Governments get to take the credit

I’m already pretty tired of complaining about the release of the Liberal Party’s Federal Budget on Tuesday, with a series of promises to go along with the broken-promises from the budget the year prior, it’s hard to say if any progress on Solar, or renewables in general will be a priority of the Federal Government in 2018.

But it’s not all bad, as Canadians rely less on their government and take matters into their own hands, the corporate responsibility lead by very long-sighted business owners can put Ottawa to shame… If they still have any shame….

IKEA Canada

Do you know who is one of the biggest purchasers of Alberta Wind Farms since 2013… I’ll tell you… it’s IKEA!

To go with their global goal to produce more renewable energy than they consume by 2020, they’re investing in Wind Farms in Canada.

Early on in 2017, IKEA Canada signed agreements to acquire the 88MW wind farm located near Drumheller, Alberta. Consisting of 55 turbines, the Wintering Hills wind farm will generate 275 million kWh (kilowatt hours) of energy, the equivalent to the electricity consumption of 54 IKEA stores or nearly 26,000 Canadian households.

This was in addition to the purchase of a 48 MW wind farm near Pincher Creek in 2013.

Part of IKEA Group’s commitment to produce more renewable energy than it consumes by 2020.

A strong sense of corporate responsibility goes a long way now-a-days. Just ask Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Microsoft going solar

Fast forward to this Friday — Microsoft inked a deal on a 60 MW solar project in Singapore. — The solar project will, according to Microsoft, be spread out across hundreds of rooftops around Singapore and will be the largest rooftop solar project there to date.

Shaping our countries future

Despite what mother nature brought for us this week, spring is just around the corner.

I choose to look at Spring as the opportunity for a fresh start — A Chance for true change!

We have some tough upcoming Trade stories to deal with, and a barrage of disagreements between provinces on political, financial, and philosophical levels.

But I choose to take spring as my opportunity to get involved! To engage our leaders in both Government and the Public Sector.

I’ll be travelling to Vancouver in a few weeks to a series on future-tech… I’ll engage both MP’s and CEO’s on their plans and their actions… and I promise to relay the messages TO YOU.. Right Here!

That’s your Solar Sunday.

I’m feeling bright and cheerful already!


Kelly Hall

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