Solar Sunday – Much like Canadian Oil and Gas — Solar is going global as Canada falls behind

A plethora of new solar projects, both announced and some under construction shows that Canada can do soooo much more with it’s abundant natural resources… yet doesn’t.

Saudi Arabia is killing Canada in the Oil and Gas business… It’s about to do the same for Solar Power. Same with France, but that’s another day!

This is Ghawar – of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It is by far the largest conventional oil field in the world. It produces about 5 millions barrels per day. Because information is a heavily guarded secret, it’s estimated that it’s possible over 50 billion barrels remain. *Petroleumbook

From the Global Solar Atlas – A global solar resource funded by the World Bank. This is the global map of top producing locations based on photovoltaic electricity output.. *Long story short… Red is really good.. Yellow okay… Green/Blue less than ideal… If you know where Saudi Arabia is… you can see that red/orange glow from miles away!

So what’s the plan

In addition to the largest oilfield, Saudi Arabia plans to have the world’s largest solar plant. This week, Japanese multinational conglomerate SoftBank and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman signed a memorandum of understanding for the massive project.

The scale is unprecedented. The $200 billion project would produce 200 gigawatts of solar photovoltaic power. The project would create an estimated 100,000 jobs but would take more than a decade to complete.

To put that into perspective, this plant would be 130 times larger than the world’s current largest solar plant, the 1,547-megawatt (MW) Tengger Desert Solar Park in China.

Is this a symbolic move by Saudi Arabia… uhhh, Yes! Of course it is! But it’s also the smart move!

It indicates a country and leadership that is making a strong commitment to their energy future. *Trudeau and McKenna tell Canadians that’s exactly what they are doing too…. somehow!

It is also an indication that as the oil runs out, Saudi Arabia will remain one of the world’s vital energy producers. — Wow! How Progressive!

Keep Up Canada –

Brooks, AB new solar farm

I’ve written about 2 major solar topics in Canada..

First… Tariffs on Solar Panels to the US. – If Canada wants to be in the solar business, we need to support our solar companies.

As part of President Donald Trump’s America First… or “MAGA” vision… his government policies have made the decision to hit imports of Canadian solar energy modules with staggering tariffs, some as high as 30 percent!…  Effective immediately.

What came next from the Canadian side is a no-brainer — as three Ontario-based manufacturing companies are suing the U.S. government over the imposition of  tariffs on imports of their products to the US.

Second, Canadians still get lots of sun, and considering the Liberal Governments “commitment” to renewable, if weren’t not going to build up our solar capacity, then what ARE we building exactly?

Saskatchewan has taken it’s own steps for renewable future DESPITE resisting Trudeau’s imposed Carbon Tax, Alberta doing the same at Brooks.

*Quote from SaskPower

“We’ve committed to add 60 MW of solar power by 2021 — Our first 10 MW utility-scale solar project is in motion; we expect it to be in service as early as 2019. Our plans to bring solar to Saskatchewan include opportunities for independent power producers, partnerships with First Nations Power Authority and community driven projects.”

Bingo! Well done Saskatchewan! I’m going to hold you to that!

Canada, The world understands it NEEDS to continue to use fossil fuels, but can develop its renewable future ALONG SIDE it!

Let’s not fall behind AGAIN!


To the folks of Humboldt.. I have stopped in this small Saskatchewan town many times in my career and personal life and am always treated with a kind word and a smile.

Communities will rally behind one another in times of tragedy please know our thoughts are with you and so is our money!

Donate to the GoFundMe page here:

At the time of my post, they were just shy of the $4 million dollar goal… but knowing Saskatchewan it’s probably already broken it!

Solar Sunday!


Kelly Hall




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