Solar Sunday – Ontario’s front-runner, and International Leaders take action on climate


Solar Sunday – World Leaders gather in India days after Trudeau snub

Actions  needed more than rhetoric, and after my Federal budget bashing on the lack of cold-hard cash going towards ACTUAL solar projects, I once again have to be the bearer of more bad news…

The difference between ACTION and WORDS was pretty clear to me this week, and I have bad news for Canada. Our leader has done a lot more of the latter on climate, and now specifically falling behind on renewables.

Meanwhile, European leaders including Frances Emmanuel Macron were in India (And ACTUALLY meeting with the Prime Minister!) to discuss, AND commit to solar and renewable targets!

To France, the Paris Climate talks weren’t just for talking points, but meant for real action

On Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron pledged hundreds of millions of dollars (700 million euros) for solar projects in developing countries, as world leaders met in India to promote greater investment in renewable energy.

Macron, who in December had publicly warned that the shift globally to a green energy was too slow, and on Sunday said “We need to remove all obstacles and scale up.” — A leader that leads from the front lines… noted!

Still time for the touristy spots

France’s Leader Macron still has time to hit the tourist spots like the Taj Mahal with his wife, but seemed to draw a lot less negative press on this trip in comparison to a certain Canadian leader… in fact, by my eyes, he was certainly a more welcomed:

Moving on…

“But what about China… But what about India?”… Time is up for “What-abouts”!

Yes they have emissions problems, yes they have poverty and a bulging population, yet the clearly energy-starved giant of 1 billion+ people is banking now on solar to electrify homes for hundreds of millions of its poorest citizens without adding to its considerable emissions output.

Saying China is worse of a polluter is not an excuse for inaction, it’s an excuse to kick the problem down the hill… and kids are getting pretty tired of doing the heavy lifting for us adults nowadays.

Time for action folks, and NO! Protests won’t cut it!

I tried to highlight some of the positives from the Vancouver protests on the weekend, but there was much to cover…

“We don’t want oil tankers in our ocean front killing our Orca’s!”

— OK, that’s fair, neither do I! But what, then, do you suggest Canada do about our energy needs? Because we NEED them… Winters are cold, Summers are hot, the country is HUGE, and we don’t invest enough in renewables for the time being! — Protesting is fine… having a better plan forward is even better, folks! 

Canada falls behind again on Climate targets (even though Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says we’re right on schedule somehow!)

France and India are stepping up with their WALLETS to invest in renewable futures.

Meanwhile, in Canada…. Our most populated province is set to have an Election for the Premier of Ontario, and one party just selected it’s newest leader….

I think it’s the one on the RIGHT…

Solar Sunday, folks!


Kelly Hall






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Keep up the good work Kelly. Your articles are bang on. Ontario’s solar industry has been killed due to the provincial Liberals wanting to get re-elected.