Solar Sunday

Where is it Always Sunny? Philadelphia? Wrong! It’s Saskatchewan!

A study from *EnvironmentCanada from 1980 to 2010 showed just how many “sunny days” *Sunny days being days of the year with more than 50% of daylight hours with measurable sunlight

Long story – short, it means some towns in Southern Saskatchewan received a solid amount of sun-days (Sorry but it’s a theme today!) almost 90% of the year! (Say waaat?!)

For a quick comparison on the same study, Hamilton, Ontario managed to crack 300 days (Hey! Way to go!) and Vancouver, BC as you may have already guessed, not quite, at 289. (Maybe next decade!)

So, what’s my point, without knowing much about the subject, I’d say: “Put some solar panels up!” Good advice right?? Wrong? Well actually the good people at SaskPower agree with me…

*Quote from SaskPower “We’ve committed to add 60 MW of solar power by 2021 — Our first 10 MW utility-scale solar project is in motion; we expect it to be in service as early as 2019. Our plans to bring solar to Saskatchewan include opportunities for independent power producers, partnerships with First Nations Power Authority and community driven projects.”

This past November I attended a seminar in Saskatoon hosted by Saskatoon Tribal council with affiliates from First Nation Power Authority, SaskPower. The theme was clear: We want to make the right financial decisions for our people, as well as the right decisions for those same people’s futures! (Makes sense to me)

In conclusion, as I live in Calgary…. hmm… Calgary…. I forgot to look for us on the list… lets see… Calgary… Calgary…

Calgary 333 ?!!? Seriously?! That’s more than the majority of cities on the list!!.. This CANADA-wide list… So what are we doing about it Mr. Mayor, Mrs. Premier? Big Corporate smart-people?

In a future article I will comment on the Solar project in Brooks in case comments come up that “there’s a big one being built in Brooks, so quit complaining”… yes, there is.. and that’s great! We’ve done our part so let’s never talk about it again I guess?…. Well I don’t see it that way.

We just went through a very, very competitive process in Alberta for Wind Power, so let’s put pencil to paper on this too.. Chinooks and Sunshine, I guess we’ve got it all!

P.S The 3rd Annual Alberta and Saskatchewan Renewable Energy Summit takes place in Calgary on February 5th and 6th (P.P.S. I should get paid for saying that but I really didn’t!

Join the conversation on what you feel our Energy future should look like!

In the meantime, I’ve got to go find my SPF 30.


Kelly Hall

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Rick Seabrook

We should be able to use solar power.. is the technology too expensive? Does the fuel industry seem threatened? I had a Toyota Celica in 1973 that got 40 mpg. Seems engines are still around that mpg mark today… hmmm