Some good news — Mount Everest garbage to be cleaned up!

Courtesy of the BBC.. some good news stories on Mount Everest

Everest clean-up campaign aims to airlift 100 tonnes of waste

A clean-up campaign has begun at Mount Everest, aiming to airlift 100 tonnes of rubbish left behind by tourists and climbers of the world’s highest mountain.

On its first day, 1,200kg (2,600lbs) of waste was flown from Lukla airport to Kathmandu for recycling.

Most of the waste left on the mountain is empty beer bottles and cans, empty food tins, and discarded mountaineering and trekking equipment.

That can include oxygen bottles, which are essential for climbing at the highest altitudes.

According to SPCC, over 100,000 people visited the region last year. About 40,000 were mountaineers or trekkers.

The high number of climbers has also increased safety concerns – resulting in new rules late last year which banned solo climbers and forces foreign climbers to go with a guide.

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Mount Everest: Sherpa to attempt record 22nd climb

For most people, preparing to climb the world’s highest mountain would be a daunting experience fraught with unknowns.

But not for 48-year-old Nepali climber Kami Rita Sherpa.

He will set off on Sunday aiming to break the record for the number of successful climbs to the top of Mount Everest.

The current record of 21 successful ascents is jointly held by Kami Rita and two other Nepali climbers.

But his fellow countrymen have both retired, meaning a successful summit could cement his place as the world’s most experienced Everest climber.

“I am making yet another attempt to create history to make the entire Sherpa community and my country proud,” he told Efe news agency earlier this week.

He first climbed Everest in 1994 and completed his most recent ascent last May.

“If everything goes according to the plan, I will make the final summit push on May 29,” Kami Rita told The Kathmundu Post.

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Good Luck Kami!


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