Trade talks with China – How Canada can weather the storm

Canada’s Ambassador to China tells CBC we are trying to persuade China to “behave in a more reasonable way”

Canada faces a series of challenges with trade with China, as trade deals look to take shape. (AND $40 billion LNG project looks to start digging)

Earlier in October, while the ink was still dry on Canada’s late night NAFTA deal (Now the USMCA), China’s Embassy in Ottawa blasted the controversial clause that requires the countries to notify each other if they enter talks with a “non-market” economy… China being one of them. 

In a statement, the Chinese Embassy states section 32.10 of the new USMCA amounts to an act of political dominance by the U.S., as they claim it gives the Americans a veto over Canada and Mexico pursuing free trade with China.

The debate rages on. 

Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Trade Diversification Minister Jim Carr are set to be attending meetings in Beijing next month with Chinese political and business leaders.

Good. They should! Let’s get to work!

There’s lots on the table, including the recently “approved” Shell LNG plant in B.C…. Time will tell on it’s outcome…. 

There’s certainly added potential in the future for China to join the soon-to-be-ratified Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CP-TPP) trade deal.

Meanwhile, Canada’s ambassador to China tells CBC a trade pact with Canada likely won’t be reached until China caves on certain controversial policies

“We are doing our best to persuade China to behave in what we would regard as the more reasonable way,” John McCallum told CBC Radio on Thursday.

We face a tough balancing act. Stress the importance of our civil, and human rights policies, while at the same time doing business with people who may oppose those beliefs. 

I personally find it a little odd that we have protesters that literally block domestic projects taking shape *cough, cough, pipelines* due to their moral objections, and turn a blind eye on the imported/exported goods. 

If you’re going to talk the talk, as they say… 

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