Travel Tuesday – Ottawa 2018 Budget Edition

Regina Legislature Chambers - Under Construction
Regina Legislature Chambers – Under Construction

Travel Tuesday – Ottawa 2018 Budget Edition

Equality Growth – A Strong Middle Class

The title for Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s 2018 Budget launched today.

We have an Energy crisis in our country, so there is no time to waste! Let’s Go!

The Introduction to the Budget… basically a 23 page synopsis of what is to come… mentions the environment…. Zero times… (Yikes)… Mentions Climate Change… Zero Times…. Energy or Renewables… You guessed it… Zero Times… (Ouch… not looking good for MOTHER Earth… but more on that later!)

Okay great… so… maybe climate change, a future of renewable energy mix, and what to do with Canada’s growing tensions and outright anger towards what to do with Alberta’s natural resources aren’t exactly top page material.

(With a title about equality, it’s pretty fair to say most of the time is going to be spent on Gender vs. saving and/or protecting the environment, but we can’t blame “People-kind”.)

Get to the Point Kelly, Show us the Money!

Fair enough, no time to waste… let’s get to it!

First Up, The Environment

Budget 2018: $1.3 billion in investment to protect Canada’s nature legacy…

Ok… so, the environment kind-of gets lumped in with Science Investment this time-around… Here’s some highlights:

“$100 million to support agricultural science research and
innovation, with a focus on addressing emerging priorities,
such as climate change and soil and water conservation”

“Approximately $500 million over six years for oceans and
freshwater science.”

Carbon Tax

Next up, carbon tax.

To support the development and implementation of the federal carbon
pollution pricing system, the Government will provide $109 million over five
years, starting in 2017–18, to the Canada Revenue Agency and Environment
and Climate Change Canada to implement, administer and enforce the
federal carbon pollution pricing system.

Any negative impacts our dear leaders?

*Tucked waaaaay at the back of the budget book….

“….unemployment rates in the oil-producing provinces, while generally
falling, remain significantly higher than prior to the oil price shock in 2014”  (Oh, good… they did notice!!! Well, barely…. )

Ok, so they certainly found money to “enforce” the carbon tax… how about the benefits?

Low Carbon Leadership Fund – Project funding

The Government, through the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund, is investing
$1.4 billion in projects that will generate clean growth and reduce greenhouse gas
emissions, while creating jobs for Canadians for years to come.

All provinces that had signed the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change
can apply for support through the Fund. Six provinces receiving funding for project proposals. Some highlights:

British Columbia: $162 million – In support for reforestation of public
forests, which absorb carbon from the atmosphere

Alberta: Almost $150 million to help Albertans, including farmers and ranchers, use less
energy and save money. Alberta will work with Indigenous communities to install
renewable energy solutions, and will also invest in restoring forests affected
by wildfires.

Ontario: $420 million to support projects such as renovating buildings, retrofitting
houses and helping farmers reduce emissions from their operations.

Quebec: Over $260 million to help expand actions under the province’s 2013–2020
Climate Change Action Plan. (More on Quebec’s CCAP on a later post, stay tuned!)

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia also get some funding.

Missing from the list: Saskatchewan and Manitoba,… why, you ask?? Good question…  Well both provinces delayed signing on to the federal climate change framework. (I’m sure that’s just a coincidence readers!)

Mixed reviews from me, but more on the days-to-come

I’m a little disappointed how little fan-fare the environment, and renewable energy got in the budget, especially since we’re told it’s so very, very important. There was, however, SPECIFIC funding to help save the whales! (That’s not sarcasm folks, it’s in there!)

I’ll be in Vancouver in March and hopefully have a chance to talk to some environmentalists and Federal Ministers, more to come!

First Nations in my opinion got some much needed funding, specifically for drinking water…. more on that in Friday’s post, but, the fact that so many communities still have “boil-water-advisories” is something that was a surprise to me, and seems like a no-brainer to assist on.

Lastly, as you read, Carbon Tax was the biggest take-away regarding Alberta… The Federal Government is making sure they get their money from Oil companies! —

It MUST be to help SAVE the ENVIRONMENT… because we hear how important that is…. even though as I said… very little is actually in the budget… and very little more is actually being specifcally Implemented… and if it is… it’s after 2019… which is after the Election…. Hmmm….

That’s Your Travel Tuesday



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