Travel Tuesday – Gas prices will continue to climb into Summer season – while media and governments point fingers

Vancouver reaches highest major city gas prices in North American history – Other major Canadian cities not immune

VancouverMay 1, 2018  –

Happy 1st of May everyone! – No fools here, except All Canadians.

It’s fun to point the finger at mainland Vancouver and laugh at the ongoing climb of gas prices at the pump, but in reality we all should be embarrassed with our leaders and the mess that is the Canadian Energy sector. 

“The 1.619 represents the single largest price point ever paid at any gas station, or any regional gas station across North America in the history of fuel.” –  Dan McTeague with 

I was in Arizona for a few weeks, and was very happy to pay on average $2.72 per gallon for my rental car. 

With some quick calculations, and a ballpark $1.25 CAD – $1 USD … it works out to gas prices of about… $0.90 per litre CAD

What’s that mean… well, for a couple on vacation, it meant we could tour around to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix for about a $20 fill-up. 

I had hoped I filled up the truck before I left for our holiday… It was not meant to be.. and I was met with some sticker shock upon my return to the Red-White-and Leaf.

But I Digress. 

Those who want to point fingers all over the place have every right to an opinion, but McTeague says the jump in prices are due to the weak Canadian dollar and two gas refineries being under maintenance. He’s predicting prices to rise to 161.9 cents per litre in Vancouver by Wednesday.

Okay, so gas is expensive… is it changing behavior? Nope! How can it when people have no choice! Which I think is lost on the people in power… and on National Media! 

On CBC last night, the opening question: “How high do prices need to go to convince Canadians to Park Their Cars?”

To me this was the most out-of-touch question I’ve heard in a while… 

Does Ottawa… and the Media apparently, think that raising gas prices is the sole way to cut “emmissions”?… Just make gas so expensive we decide to quit our jobs, leave our car on the freeway like the intro to some zombie movie… stay home and start a garden as our only way to survive?! 

Maybe! Maybe they do! 

Let me know what you think! 




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