Travel Tuesday – Gordie Howe Bridge will be just like Gordie – Punching those that try and cross him!

A metaphor of today’s times, An expensive new way for people to get into Canada faster – paid for by Canadians.

July 15, 2018 (EnergySpotlight) – Politicians on both sides of the border broke ground today on the new six-lane, Canadian-financed span over the Detroit River to provide connections in Windsor and Detroit.

Construction is expected to start by Early October. 

The bridge is scheduled to open in 2020. 

Along with all the modern border processing infrastructure that may or may not be needed if a giant wall is built.

Video Courtesy WDBA

Everyone in attendance was concerned with the current Tariffs. 

“It’s very disappointing that the U.S. has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum… both countries’ economies are so integrated, it’s going to have an impact on jobs and including the cost of infrastructure projects,” Canada Minister Sohi stated

On the Detroit side… Governor Snyder was quite welcoming…

Some quick facts:

Based on 2.5 million trucks crossing the WindsorDetroit border each year, which in 2017 this represented over US$106.5 billion in bilateral trade (CAD$138 billion)

  • Once constructed, Canada’s Port of Entry will be the largest Canadian port on the CanadaUnited States border and the United States Port of Entry will be one of the largest in North America.

Gordie Howe, the bridge’s namesake, was born in Saskatchewan, and played over 25 seasons for the Detroit Red Wings, winning the Stanley Cup 4 times. 

His book, “Mr Hockey”.. is one of my favorites. 

I got to meet him as a child and at the time didn’t really know who he was. My father took me that day. Glad he did. 

Ok, enough reminiscing… back to my sarcasm!

Last month the AMERICAN owners of the current Ambassador bridge made commercials… Targeting an Audience of 1 – Donald Trump, to DO SOMETHING about this “Canadian made- Canadian funded” bridge. 

Not very neighborly…

It’s alleged that Trudeau mentioned the bridge in their first communication… 

“The first communication between Prime Minister [Justin] Trudeau and President Trump mentioned this bridge to be a priority project for both countries, and we appreciate that and we’re moving forward,” Sohi said to CBC.

Steel and Aluminum tariffs may not be directly impacted given that, according to the WDBA, the bridge will be built through a “Buy America waiver”, meaning any steel or iron component of the U.S. portion of the project can be sourced in either Canada or the United States.

Time will tell. 

To be fair to our American friends… a nice headline in the Detroit News .. 

Trump should stay out of this fight and let the Gordie Howe bridge rise.

So far so good.

Travel Tuesday


Kelly Hall

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