Travel Tuesday – Ontario, you’ve been warned.. Kathleen Wynne’s election goodies won’t last!

Don’t be fooled, Kathleen Wynne’s fancy budget numbers are false and misleading!

With the Ontario Election looming, Kathleen Wynne’s team think they know how to get re-elected…. blind people with *free stuff!

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government decided to send the province  into deficit by as much as $8 billion. Doing so, full well aware of an election coming up in a few months.

Ontario, you have sky-high electricity rates, and the Liberal Government had a brilliant idea how to fix that…. By BORROWING $26 Billion from Ontario Power Generation!

The plan, known as “Fair Hydro Plan”… used BORROWED money… that was borrowed and will need to be paid back TO Ontario Power Gen!!!


Did it work… yeah, kinda… The plan has reduced the average household electricity bill in the province by 25 per cent from the peak in the summer of 2016.

So my previous point about you paying sky-high rates, some of you commented that “they have gone down”….

Well not REALLY… they’ve been essentially “pre-paid” with BORROWED money… that YOU the TAX PAYER will have to pay back over 30 years!!! DID I mention you will be paying this back… TO ONTARIO POWER GENERATION!?!!??!

How is this even legal!?!?!

That’s like me borrowing money FROM the casino.. to spend and gamble… AT THE CASINO… ohhhhh I get it now! Smart move Ontario Power Generation! and shame on you Ontario Liberals!

Ontario Auditors are WISE to the scheme!

What did the Ontario Auditor General have to say on this process?

“The government created a needlessly complex accounting / financing structure for the electricity rate reduction in order to avoid showing a deficit or an increase in net debt,” writes Bonnie Lysyk.

Yes! Exactly… It’s borrowed from OPG, so it doesn’t show up on the books.. PLUS they get to say ONTARIO electricity bills have gone DOWN under their watch…..


Another sneaky book trick I mentioned before…. the sale of HYDRO ONE!

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government decided so sell the 53% stake in Hydro One, resulting in a “$9.2 billion influx to the provinces bottom line” according to the province.

So again… Free Money, Ontario!

Act now! No money down! No Payments till we lose the election! Act Fast! Sale ends Soon!

Come on Ontario. Time to ask some tough questions of your leaders, folks!

That’s your travel Tuesday.


Kelly Hall



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