Travel Tuesday – Saskatchewan Budget Edition 2018 – There will be no Carbon Tax

Saskatchewan’s 2018 Budget was positively received, including some tough talk on Carbon Tax

Hockey sticks left outside the Saskatchewan Legislature in Regina, April 10, 2018 #HumboldtStrong


REGINA – Finance Minister Donna Harpauer has tabled the 2018 Saskatchewan budget. She is also the MLA for Humboldt – Watrous.

Before getting into her budget speech, a few poignant words.

“Humboldt has suffered it’s most tragic day….. ” “Mr Speaker… Humboldt is strong”

I have no doubt about that Honourable Donna Harpauer… No Doubt!

On to the Budget! – And our carbon future??

It didn’t take long for the rubber to hit the road on our Oil and Gas future….

Do we want or need a Carbon Tax in the Province?

“The overwhelming majority of people from Saskatchewan say no”… echoed Donna Harpauer….

“This budget contains NO carbon tax”

***Enter the loudest applause of the day on specific policy***

Some of my highlights from Honourable Donna Harpauer

“There will be NO increases to tax rates” Period. Full stop.

A deficit of $365 million is forecast for the year.

We plan to rely less on resource revenue in Saskatchewan… “This is on track..”

Rookie Premier Scott Moe gave this rookie an Exclusive I’ll never forget

Premier Scott Moe had done all of his scheduled interviews, giving some last minute time to a road-weary rookie

“Can I get a quick comment on Carbon tax… from Alberta” I mumbled as his crew was shuffling him away…

“Alberta you all wanna talk about Carbon tax” he replies with a chuckle.

With that!… We are off!…

2 Minutes, Kelly… That’s all I need!

There’s going to be nothing in the budget on Carbon Tax, do you expect a legal opposition from Trudeau?

“A carbon tax doesn’t work… In NO jurisdiction in the world, has it worked!”

“We have a plan.. A plan of Prairie Resilience  – We look forward to a discussion of NOT having a carbon tax on businesses, and industries, and families in the province… “

Couldn’t agree more. Businesses, families, and industry are all at risk across Canada at the moment… and politicians AND citizens alike need to stand up for our futures! Now!

Final Thoughts Mr. Premier – TransMountain?

John Horgan is on his own amongst Western Premiers… your thoughts on TransMountain?

“With respect to TransMountain. That is a project that has been approved by the federal government. Construction should start soon.”

Somehow I feel more confident when Scott Moe says that than I have from ANY Politician in Alberta… or Ottawa…

I hope he’s right!

Final Thought Mr. Premier? – – “The question we have now: pipelines, rail lines, ports, are very unifying projects across the nation of Canada, are traditionally under federal purview to make sure the provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchewan Manitoba can get their products to ports, so we can grow and sell our product!”

The question is… “Do we have a Nation?…. “Or do we have (ANOTHER conversation)……

I HOPE we have a NATION Mr. Premier… I really do…



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