Travel Tuesday

Holidays always seem to fly by, don’t they?! But it’s the end of January which means Ottawa MP’s are back to work this week for the first time since Mid-December. Not bad! (But no time for vacation jokes people, we have work to do!)

Day 1, let’s go! – 1st up … Harassment in the workplace.. ok, ok, good start, needs to be addressed, sure thing! Next! Let’s go! We’ve got an economy to save… next! Lots of yelling at Morneau… lots of yelling NOT at Morneau… and we’re done, see ya Tuesday!

OK. Well… Hey, I’m rusty when I come off vacation too, so that’s fair… what’s up for Tuesday?

Day 2, show time! – 1st Up… Marijuana talk….. oh come on!.. ok, well, I’ve gotta go for lunch… what’s next… “report on Motor Vehicle Safety”…. hmm.. ok.. well.. pot and motor vehicles certainly don’t mix, so lets hopefully agree on that one??

Wow Kelly, complaining about lack of action from your Government, way to really take a stand!

Exactly. Taking a stand is my point today. Ottawa works based on the voices of it’s people. By the way, CANADIANS are “IT’S” people… The #MeToo movement and Marijuana conversation show us the power of the people. They were the very first – 2 topics from Parliament after almost a month and a half away from sitting… it wasn’t CLIMATE CHANGE and it certainly wasn’t KINDER MORGAN.

I think the energy industry does a good job of educating it’s own people, employees, but loses out on the general public for the next hot-topic.

I’ve always felt that Canada is a huge country, and can survive on a mix of energy resources, in fact it has too. Alberta doesn’t have many Great Lakes, but plenty of sunshine (read: Solar Sunday!) Our coastal regions have tidal resources, but many want to debate the merit of ocean-based turbines (That’s great! Have that debate, I don’t have the right answer yet either!)

But if I SIT back, and then get mad at the outcome, it would be fair of future generations to ask me what I STOOD for… and I don’t want to say “I stood for nothing”.

That’s your Travel Tuesday.


Kelly Hall.

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Rick Seabrook

There are pros and cons on every subject. There are negative Nelly’s and positive Polly’s as well. Getting everything “right” all the time is kinda tough.